“What new marketing strategies should I be excited about in 2019?” None, if you aren’t already using what’s available. It’s the magic bullet, or get rich quick… Looking for that big thing that changes everything. Most folk in most businesses simply aren’t taking advantage of what’s out there. “But hey, what’s the next “big thing…” Wrong attitude… Unless you’re currently kicking ass with other strategies. Let’s take a deeper look at what we should have our eyes on in 2019, as well as assessing what is and isn’t working now…




Hello folks, how you doing? Billy Farrell here. OK, so it’s the 1st of January, Happy New Year and all that. If you haven’t listened to yesterday’s message, then go to hardcoreentrepreneurship.com and check it out. It’s the official New Year message where we took a deep dive on how to actually make sure, the no bullshit version, how to make sure that this is your best year yet. So welcome to 2019.

Now, the one thing I want to talk about in this video, the purpose of this video is about market trends inside 2019. When I say market trends, what I actually mean is trends in marketing. Trends in what works. A couple of folk have asked me recently, what are you excited about in 2019? What new forms of marketing are coming up that you’re excited about going into the New Year? I find that question very interesting.

The reason I find that question interesting is because whilst it’s very important to stay up to date with what’s happening, while it’s very important to make sure that you’re using what’s new and staying on top of what’s new, many times the people asking the question, what are you excited about? In terms of what’s new, generally are asking that because they aren’t using what currently exists. They aren’t taking full advantage of what’s available to them in the current market place.

I’m going to give you an example. We run the Property Protege Intensive and I do the marketing section of that event. When I do that section, I talk to people about how we’re exposed to a minimum of 5,000 marketing and advertising messages every day. A minimum of 5,000. Some people think it’s way more than that, but let’s say it’s 5,000. Let’s say you get up first thing in the morning, and you pick up your phone. You go on Facebook or Instagram or YouTube or Google or email, or whatever, what do you see? You see marketing, you see messages, you see advertisements, you see promotions, you see people who know your mind better than you, tapping into you, and they follow you about and whether you notice them consciously or not, it’s still going in.

So you fuck about on your phone for a while, you see all this stuff coming up, and then what do you do? You go and you turn on the telly, what do you see? Advert, advert, advert. Or you turn on the radio, advert advert, advert. Or you turn on Alexa, advert, advert, advert. Then you look at your front door, there’s a couple of leaflets on your doorstep. There’s a reason I’m telling you all this. Then you get in the kitchen, and there’s adverts everywhere. And then you get in the car after getting ready for work, you drive up the road, and there’s a couple of billboards, adverts. You go into the local petrol station, what do you see on the petrol pump? Advert. If it’s hot outside, they’re selling you hats and sunglasses, if it’s cold, they’re selling you gloves, right. “Do you want to buy a giant bar of chocolate for 50 pence with the fuel, sir?” No thank you, and I don’t know anyone who does. All the way up the aisle there’s marketing, advertising, magazines, scandal, newspapers, things that sell, things that are topical, seasonal, trending, and you’ve only just put fuel in your car, you’ve got the full day to go, right? And no matter where you go, online of offline, there are marketers and advertisers who are trying to infiltrate your world.


Why am I telling you that? Because the reality is, if you can accept that that is real, that that is the case, which no one can deny that, then what it really means is that there are unlimited sources available for you to reach the minds of your target audience. There are unlimited means available for you to tap into the world and the minds and the mind space of the people that you wish to serve. You have so many forms of marketing at your fingertips that it’s ridiculous, and it doesn’t really matter to me what market you’re in, if there’s a market there, if it exists, and there are people who are on the other side of whatever it is that you have to offer, then marketing is simply the bridge between you and the people that you’re trying to serve, and the strategies for marketing, are actually the part that makes you cross that bridge. They’re the bit that takes you across the bridge.

You see, the philosophy around marketing and how marketing works itself is the important part. The strategies are the means to the end. People become obsessed, “Oh this the webinar guy, I am going to be all about webinars”, or “I love Facebook ads, I’m going to go hard on Facebook ads.” Do you know what? All of these different things are just resources, all of these things are just channels, all of these things are just little bridges to take you from here to your customer, and why would you just build one? Why would you just rely on one form of marketing to be successful? Or why would you try something, test it and then walk away and then do something else? And then do something else? Here’s the problem. Every time you switch strategy because something doesn’t work, it’s not that it didn’t work, it’s that you didn’t work it or you didn’t learn everything you know or could know about that thing.

See, for me, whenever I’m going into something that I’ve not done before, the first thing I do is I look for who can offer some form of training, guidance, whatever, and I’ll go online, have a look about, find out who’s the best of whatever it is I’m trying to learn, and then I’ll go and buy a couple of their videos or whatever and I’ll watch them. I’ll see what I can take from it. I’ll learn it. I’ll practice it. I’ll play with it and then once I’ve got the basics, I will pass it to my team to take care of that, to do the work and then I’ll babysit. The operating principle that I run by is understand the basics and oversee the work. When I say understand the basics, that also means know the strategy, and the reason for doing everything you do. So I will find out what I need to know and then I’ll put the right people in place to make it work. Then I will see what else I need to do and implement that as well.

I’ll give you an example. Doing the 10X tour campaign, that we did in November 2017. 2018? What year is it? I don’t even know what year it is. The year we’ve just passed, 2018. Fucking hell. It’s late, quarter past midnight, I’m recording podcast, I’m not well. Anyway, 2018, 10X UK Tour, November, right? And it was pretty full-on. When we did this, we had 7 and a half weeks to market it. Now the funny thing is, our existent companies, we utilise multiple methods of marketing, multiple strategies, but when we went into the 10X campaign, with 7 and a half weeks to go, we had to force ourselves to start to venture into different things that we weren’t using. Not because they didn’t work, not because they weren’t relevant, but just because there’s things that didn’t really, we believed, fit at the time with what we were doing with our companies.

So going into that campaign, I realised that if we had any chance of filling these seats, several thousand in London, you know, up to 1000 in Glasgow, I knew that we had to take advantage of every possible source, method and strategy when it comes to marketing and that I was going to have to be responsible for signing out what’s going to work, and then putting it to work and going into that campaign, it was campaign based. So we would go in, we would test this new thing, we would test it very diligently, very aggressively, we’d watch it minute by minute, to see what was happening, we would gage the response, we would do a month’s worth of testing in a day, we’d see what was happening, and then we would adjust it, kill it or be aggressive with it. And the funny thing is, we never actually killed anything, we never stopped any form of marketing. Some things work better than others, but nothing really died off, everything had its merit, and everything was responsible for some sales for that tour.

So, when it comes to your business, sure we can look for that’s exciting and what’s new, but the reality is, there are already so many things out there that you’re not tapping into. Or so many things that you’re not using to the best of your ability or to the extent that you could use these things.

Take Facebook ads, for example. Most people are not using Facebook ads properly. The ignorance around this subject astounds me. It astounds me. I mean, let’s talk baby steps here. You can put an ad on Facebook for whatever it is you’ve got to offer. When someone lands on your website, you can then retarget them and when they go back on Facebook, a whole new set of ads relevant to what was on your website will show up to them. and because you’re retargeting a very specific audience, those ads will be lower cost and higher converting. It’s like, have you ever gone to a website to look for a holiday, for example? And next thing you know, Dubai keeps popping up everywhere you look online. The place that you looked at for the holiday keeps popping up everywhere. It’s following you. It’s following you online, can’t get away from it. It’s trailing you around the internet. Fuck off, fuck off, fuck off. Has that ever happen to you in the last 24 hours?

Chances are, it has, and that is where I want to be in the marketing cycle. I want to be the one that’s following you around, feeding you things that you want to see, giving you things that you want to be aware of. I want to be that person to you, and that’s how you should be thinking about your customers in your business as well. Your potential clients, your potential reach. So It’s not the case of should I be doing webinars, or should I be focused on Facebook, should I be doing Instagram ads, or should I be doing direct mail? Guys, all of the above. All of the above. And you could say, well, do one, get it right and then once that’s working, go and do something else. It’s not how I work.


So if you listen to a podcast called Hardcore Entrepreneurship then it will probably be no surprise to you when I say, stop fucking about. Stop taking it so bloody easy, and get to work. Get to work. 12.20 in the morning, Boxing day and I’m sitting recording this. Why? Because I made the commitment. I’ve not been well for days. My entire family have had a sickness bug for days, Christmas was ruined, but fuck it, I’m here. I said I’d do this so I’m doing it, and I have no problem with that. But will you go that level of effort? Will you put in the work to make that happen? After I come off from this video, I’m going to go and sit and work and set up some things for my team to do tomorrow while I’m away for the day. Because I’m not waiting. Because there’s no point in going slow, there’s not point in taking it easy. Do you really want to finish this year the way you finished the last year?

Last year may have been a good year for you, do you not want the next year to be better? Or this year, as it is now, because I tell you what, every moment waited is a moment wasted. And I can assure you that when I get to the end of this year, I will be celebrating, just like I’m doing right now.

So right now is the end of 2018, I’m looking back at the past year, a lot of lessons learned, a lot of hard lessons learned, a lot of problems, a lot of challenges, a lot of issues. That’s business. Don’t wish it was any other way, just wish you were better, as they say. But looking back it was one of our best years. In fact, our single best year to date in every possible way. Despite the downsides. That’s fine, that’s how it works.

Going into next year, I plan to kick the absolute shit out of this year, and it’s not even about the year, it’s about every hour, every day, every moment, that I’ve got an opportunity to work, to hustle, to make this shit happen. I’m all fucking over it. Now, that doesn’t mean you can’t have your family life. I’m a very focused father of 4. I’m a very committed husband. The evenings are for my family. The weekends are for my family. I am there for my family. We’ll go on 3, 4, 5 holidays this year as well. You don’t have to sacrifice that, but the fact is, when other people are sleeping, you can be grafting. When other people are chilling, you can be working. “But Billy, Tuesday night’s five-a-side’s night with the lads”, that’s fine, go and enjoy your five-a-sides if it’s more important to you than what you’re trying to build right now.


So for example, I bought a piano recently. I love music, I’m very musical, I used to DJ in clubs and I can pretty much pick up most instruments very fast. So I bought a piano. I had a tutor for my piano, and I got working on this. Then I realised something. I realised that I was spending time during they watching piano videos on YouTube and I was thinking about piano, I was thinking about keys, I was thinking about music, I was working things in my head and I realised that sure, that’s something I want to do, but the phase I’m in at this specific point in time requires more effort to be on what I’m building, and the question had to be asked, what am I willing to give up in order to get what I want?

See, I believe you can have it all in each area of your life simultaneously, but when you start adding on hobbies, and extracurricular stuff beyond that, then you’re really setting yourself up for a fall if you’ve got too much on. So it comes down to what are the most important things in our lives and how can we look after them? For me it’s health and fitness, body, and again, I’m being totally open here, this year I need to stop focusing on being strong, and be more focused on cutting a bit. For me, very much so, my own mindset. Everyday I meditate. Everyday I go through a process when I turn pain into power, I turn problems into life revelation and I journal it. Every day I invest in my wife. Every day I invest in my children, even if it’s a little love heart shaped post-it note with a nice message when they go to school, I am doing it and that’s it. So every day I invest there, every day I learn something personally. I learn something professionally. I implement it. Every day I record content, every single day. I don’t mess about, I don’t waste time, shit needs done and I am on top of it.

So anyway, tangents. Hope this is making sense. So what am I excited about in 2019? I think for me to sit there and talk about this would be doing you a disservice, if you’re not already taking advantage of what’s possible. And what you’ve not been doing already out there. I’m excited about lots of things in 2019 when it comes to marketing, but I’ll pick those things as I go along.

As it stands right now, I’m focusing on being the absolute best at the things currently at my fingertips, at the things that I am currently doing. Whilst continually, day to day, moment to moment, keeping my eyes on the ball, keeping my finger on the pulse, watching what’s working, listening to people that I respect who are making it work and making big shit happen, I suggest you do the same. So where are you gaming short and how can you pick it up? That’s what I’d be focusing on if I was you, when you’re looking for what’s going to work inside 2019. It’s the shit that’s already available to you that you’re not making work right now.

So I hope that makes sense. Wherever you’re watching or listening to this, drop some feedback, I’d love to hear from you. If you want to connect, go to followbilly.com and I’ll catch you guys later. Cheers.



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