My first experience with Billy was listening to his hard-hitting, no messing about podcasts, which completely resonated with me. Since then I have had the pleasure to work with him as a mentor. He tells you it “as it is”. His knowledge of all things marketing is phenomenal, and his ability to put life into perspective with his mindset training is priceless. It has turned my outlook on life on it’s head, in a very good way. Looking forward to a continuing working relationship.

Gethin Davies

Billy’s mindset training & teaching techniques will completely change your life if you simply put it into action. I had the pleasure of attending a 4 day Property Protege course and I am still overwhelmed with the content and level of professionalism on display. The work these guys put into these sessions is incredible. There is not a person in the world that would not benefit from the mindset training that Billy offers. REAL RAW PASSIONATE HONEST – Thank you once again!

Allan Stewart

I highly recommend taking a course with Billy, his knowledge and ways of expressing what you need to take on to learn are fantastic. Also the way he sets your mind and gets you thinking differently was something I was not expecting but extremely grateful

Shaun Henley

One of the greatest values in life, is having both the ability & desire to make a difference to others – which Billy has in abundance! Iain Gordon Kelly

Where else in the world would you find such first class, top-quality advice? Even if you’re not up for property marketing, everything Billy says and does is about success in ALL aspects of life and business. His no-nonsense approach means that when you listen or read, you’re not wading through chaff to get to the wheat. This is the steak, not the peas. Sign up to everything this amazing man offers – you owe it to yourself.

Tony Ross

If you are half hearted, lack commitment or want to sit on the fence, I suggest you keep out of Billy’s way. If you want to learn, change within yourself, alter people’s perceptions of you, have hunger for more and just want to kick ass in the Property world, then go shake his hand. Warning. Failure is not in Billy’s dictionary. Don’t mention it near him. Note even under your breath. I really want to be in his company again very soon and get pushed and driven to succeed. What a guy…!

Eddie Tribe

Bill has a vast knowledge in property investment strategy and personal development. He is also an outstanding public speaker. If you implement just a fraction of his teachings then you will already be on your way to making healthy profits.
His teachings have changed the way I do business and as a result my property business has skyrocketed.

Neil Anglim

Billy has coached me on marketing for my business & for my personal brand for for the past few months. Since working with Billy, I cannot believe the results. I have went from having very little engagement in my social media to a LOT of interaction & not only that but engagement that is turning into leads & actual business every month. With Billy’s mentorship I truly have transformed my business.

Olivia Conlon

Billy and I have worked on a number of property based initiatives since 2010; he has a unique skill for understanding problems and delivering solutions that work. A little like me, direct, honest, forthright, blunt and no nonsense, he can help you get the results you want. Dedicated to his young family but very focused in business. Billy is a great partner to work with.

Rory O'Mara

I recently worked with Billy on a podcast for property investors. I was very impressed with the whole process from start to finish. Billy and Paul made it a very enjoyable experience. The podcasts are bringing great property knowledge to people homes in a very easy way for them to access and listen to them on the move or at home. Billy is very professional in everything he does in business. I would highly recommend him and his business partner Paul.

Juswant Rai

I have known Billy for many years now. I am delighted to endorse Billy as a highly reliable business associate. He is a very driven and focused individual who is fantastic to deal with. His no nonsense attitude is a breath of fresh air. Billy always goes the extra mile to help you out, even if there’s nothing in it for him. He’s a pleasure to work with.

Julie Hanson

Billy’s talks on mindset and marketing are mind blowing I would highly recommend attending the 4 day property protege course it will change your life

Oliver Grant

The course Billy provided excellent content and really helped me view property investment and development in a totally different light.

Andrew Morris

Billy is great to work with! One of the key things that makes him great is the fact that he tell things how they are. There’s no beating around the bush, nor sugar coating, he just gets to the point. I sincerely hope I get to work with him again!

Bruno Pereira

I attended the Property Protege event on the 25th – 28th of October. The only way I can describe the course is mind blowing! The way that Billy and the guys delivered the content was simple to understand but powerful. There is a lot to take in but if you apply what they are teaching, it will change your life. For those who are thinking of attending this but are yet to decide, just do it. You definitely won’t regret it!

Scott Lyon

Billy is a fantastic Marketer and his approach to mindset is second to none.
I thoroughly enjoy working with Billy and would highly recommend him with his no-nonsense attitude.

Ciaran Ward

I attended Property Protégé with the intention of expanding my knowledge of the property game, but not only did I return with more information than I could have possibly asked for, more importantly I came away a better person. There is no messing about with Billy. He is as motivating as he is inspirational. He does not mince his words, yet he does not speak out of turn. His insights into the inner workings of the mind and focus on getting your mindset right is as important as anything that you will learn during Property Protégé. Not only is Billy a great mentor in mindset, he is an absolute juggernaut in the marketing sphere. His ideas, tips and techniques for business and personal marketing are second to none and not only will they accelerate the growth of my property and capital investment businesses, they will assist in continuing the expansion of my other businesses as well. If there is one thing that we can all learn from Billy, it is that we must turn our “shoulds” into “musts”, and I can assure you that if you really think that you should attend Property Protégé, then you really must attend Property Protégé.

Jamie Gray

Ive been following Billy’s Hardcore Entrepreneurship podcast for about a year and decided to join Billy on his 4 day property intensive course. Billy was awesome and over delivered in every way possible, he is inspiring and motivational and doesn’t pull any punches. A truly gifted entrepreneur, I look forward to working with Billy again in the future.

Ben Wain

I attended a four day mentorship with Billy as part of the ALG property academy. Billy’s knowledge of business, marketing and property is second to none, and his straight up, unconvoluted approach greatly assisted in my own personal development and growth. Billy’s strength as a mentor has enabled me to take my business to the next level, and having struggled for some time with clarity of vision and the mechanics of launching my own business, I am indebted to him for is guidance and support. Billy is the ideal mentor for anyone looking to get into the property industry, and I would recommend his help to anyone looking to improve themselves and their business.

Jade Colgan

I attended the four day Property Protege course and spent 4 days with Billy. Billy has an in depth knowledge on the mindset, marketing and property. Billy has set his standards for making money that it has to be Legal, Ethical and Moral. If you need a guy who knows the subject of mindset, marketing and property inside out, reach out to Billy.

Dave Rimmer

Billy has an understanding of the mind and how it works, that for many people out there is beyond their comprehension. But for those same people, if they actully took the time to really listen to what Billy has to say and reflect it back into their lives, his words really do have the power to change you as a person and the way you think in towards walks of life. I can not stress this enough to all those out there whom have not met or listen to Billy: Do so, it will change your life, and your families lives forever.

Neil Chambers

Over the last few days I’ve attended property protege ,Billy’s knowledge on marketing and mindset is outstanding and he is truly inspirational character no bull about him just the real deal

Scott Mell

Billy is an inspirational speaker and I was blown away with his content on mindset and marketing when I attended Property Protege Intensive recently.
I will continue to follow Billy and hope to attend another of his courses soon.

Murray Souter

I’ve worked with Billy for a while now and when it comes to business, and in particular the marketing aspect, Billy’s knowledge, experience and advice is second to none. Whatever stage you are at in your journey, if you are looking to accelerate your business growth, Billy is the man you must consult. I highly recommended Billy.

Leslie Ntoni

Highly recommend listening to Billy and connecting with him. Billy’s talks/teachings on mindset are truley inspiring. They genuinly do open your mind a make you think about things and see things in a totally different light. Thank you Billy

Scott Ferrie

Billy gave me the knowledge and inspiration to really focus on personal development, you can achieve whatever you want to when you put your mind to it since being Mentored by Billy my Buisiness is flying and I have hit a new level of achievement

Chris Hammond

Recently completed property Protege with Paul and Billy. Both fantastic guys. Tell it like it is and have a genuine passion for helping people! Billy’s very open about his life and experience, great marketing insight too. I highly recommend working with Billy if you’re looking to grow your business but also if you want to grow as a person.

Carol Watson

A refreshing and positive outlook and example of how to be in business. There’s nothing about mindset and marketting this man doesn’t know. His team and experiance are second to none.

Jay Turner

If you’re looking for someone with a no-nonsense approach to property development and deals, based on a huge amount of experience, you would do well to speak with Billy. Straight to the point, with an ability to get things done!

Alistair Mcleod

I have been working with Billy Farrell for a few months now. A very focused business and family oriented man. Billy has brought new ideas to the table that have allowed me to advance my career and life considerably. I would highly recommend that anybody that has the chance to work with him does so. Iain Nelson

I found working with Billy a really enjoyable and rewarding experience. Whilst much of what he teaches could be considered common sense, he delivers it it a very powerful and motivational way. He has a genuine desire to share his experience and ensure that others follow the right path to success. A good guy and I look forward to working with him again in the near future

Graham Waddell

After spending 4 days with Billy at protege,the content the guy was educating us on was second to none. If anybody is thinking about getting into property, or even wanting to change your mindset on what’s possible then Billy is definetly the guy you want to reach out to..

Paul Whiting

Billy’s no nonsense and straight to the point attitude is breath of fresh air. I enjoyed the honesty he provided during the Property Millionaire mind set training part of the 4 day Property Protege Intensive training I recently took, following the Property Sourcing blue print training online and his hardcore entrepreneur podcast.

Mavis Badu

Billy is a Boss ! I had the pleasure of spending a few days in the company of Billy, it’s changed the way I view life and the future. Mindset.. you get out what you put in… I totally recommend Property Protege to anyone who is serious about property – and their future.

Kerry Cattell

Billy set out the clear goals of what it takes to dominate my marketplace through marketing, and helped change my mindset to believe that being successful can happen to me. Billy’s approach is down to earth and he will hold you accountable.

Barry Kerr

One of Billy’s many qualities is his natural ability to make you feel like an equal. He’s one of the most passionate people you’ll ever meet and he genuinely cares about helping people who are willing to learn and put what they’ve learned into action. He’s a straight talker, tells it like it is, but never in an aggressive way…you know he’s coming from a good, honest place. He has vast knowledge and business experience, and he’ll give you all the help, support and advice you need.

Al Jackson

Billy is the man! I’ve never met anyone that is so productive in business and in life. He is driven, passionate supportive, and genuinely wants everyone to do well. If you follow the simple yet effective advice Billy gives there is no way you won’t experience massive changes in your life. If you get the change to work with Billy go for it!

Zenobia Robertson

I have know of Billy for quite sometime and followed his journey, when an opportunity came to work with Billy and Paul McFadden I immediately jumped at it and joined Protege and moved into Platinum immediately. I knew that I had the right team behind me and that I would succeed at the goals I set myself and much much more. Billy and Paul work hand in hand to deliver a second to none programme that has completely opened my eyes to the potential in property. The expertise that Billy brings to the table has made me ‘wake up and smell the coffee’ his mindset and marketing skills are amazing and his determination that I succeed in every area of my property business keeps me on my toes.The team at ALG offer an amazing support network, driving me, having me be accountable and offering a level of knowledge that is second to none. I am so pleased that I am in the right hands and now know the dreams I had are goals set that will be accomplished.

Trisha Stewart

Billy is as direct as a person can be, and not a moment spent talking to him will go to waste. He’s full of insights gained from years of experience and is always willing to share wisdom. His ability to connect with a room and engage an audience is incredible, and I look forward to working with him again soon.

Adz Saddique

Billy is a phenomenal, infectious guy, having worked with him for 4 days at the Protege event. He has mastered the mindset needed to succeed….at anything! He cuts through the text books and tells it how it is in a hugely pragmatic way, that you can’t help but relate to. He doesn’t just stand up and preach to people like some, he has walked the talk and that is very powerful. I look forward to working with Billy and his team for a long time to come.

Shahid Hanif

Easy to recommend people when they are who they say they are and do what they say they’ll do i.e. they “walk the talk”. Billy is one of these people! Look forward to working together again at some point in the future.

Stuart Lordan

Billy is my mentor. Do I need to say more than that?
You’re as big as your dreams. To turn your dreams to goals and achieve them, you will need the right mindset. The right mindset can be achieved easily if you work with Billy … as I do.

Stefan Slavovski

Billy has been mentoring me for the last few months and with Billys marketing and property knowledge and guidance my business has seen fantastic results. His help with social media has really elevated my business and im getting more traffic and more importantly more leads for my business.

Mark Donlon

Billy is, without a doubt, a fantastic mentor when it comes to mindset and marketing. Can’t recommend him highly enough and if you get a chance to work alongside him then don’t hesitate.

Gillian Withington

Billy is a true master of his craft. His knowledge, skill-set, passion and customer care is second to none. A gentleman in his own right who truly cares for the success and development of others! I have known Billy for some time and watched how he has consistently carried and displayed integrity across all areas of life/businesses and with his clients. If you get the opportunity to work with Billy, jump at it!

Cheryl Gallagher

I have had the pleasure of working with the ALG team over the last few months, and I can say that each and everyone of them is excellent at what they do. Billy particularly excels in the area of marketing, he can recommend you the best areas to target, be that traditional or online, including social. If he doesn’t know about a marketing strategy, it’s probably not worth attempting.

Max Withington

Love Billy’s approach to business, mentorship and life in general. Tells you how it is, very inspirational, always learn something new however many times I listen to his podcasts or social media. A man worth following…

Joseph Lavery

I’ve been following Billy for some time on LinkedIn, studying his content and noting is direct no nonsense approach to life…after attending property protege and spending 4 days face to face with Billy and the team I’ve been blown away. An outstanding speaker, motivator and no bull shit kind of guy…a magnetic character and producer of endless value…”if it’s humanely possible, it’s within your reach”…words I now live by daily. Thanks Billy.

Emmett O'Brien

I met Billy for the first time at Property Protege. Billy kicked off the 4 day programme with a powerful session on mindset and personal development. Billy’s delivery and content were on point, you could see the passion in every word he spoke. He got the full room fired and ready to take on the World. This man is very switched on and knowledgeable. Billy’s 4 day course is definitely going to have massive positive impact on my life. Thanks again Billy. If your looking to get into Property or change your life, get in touch with him.

Jordan Croall

I recently attended Property Protege in Glasgow, where I met Billy for the first time.
He is a fantastic guy, utterly committed professional, knows his stuff like no one else.
I would highly recommend Billy and Property Protege, if you would like to know more please contact me.

Dave Ashley

Billy delivers in a fantastically unique style, rather like a slap in the face with a wet fish…. Once you have picked your ego off the floor you realise that you have a completely new view of the world where anything is possible. To date one of the most powerful mentors I have had the pleasure to learn from.

Jonathan Goodliffe

I want to say a MASSIVE thank you to Billy for his mindset training and everything else over the last 4 days at property protege. Already I have changed many things that have put me in the right mind to go and put the rest of our learning into practice. Please do not hesitate to book onto this course, the only thing that will stop you from succeeding is you!

Leeann Corr

Straight talking, motivating and results driven. An awesome person to have had the pleasure to meet. Game changing. Life changing.

Vanessa Wakelin

Billy is a very clever and focused individual. I always look forward to working with his as is a great guy with a great mind for business.

Alexander Summers

Billy is a true professional. He is extremely knowledgeable in his field and has an ability to explain principles in a basic, easy to digest way. Billy says it as it is and therefore is easy to connect with. He is extremely focussed and driven and is willing to share his insights with others.

Ian MacQueen

An excellent mentor. Billy is highly professional, absolutely committed to what he does and he’s good at it. I have had life changing results off the back of lessons and insights from Billy, both in my personal and business life.

Ryan Fitzpatrick

I’ve been following Billy Farrell for a while now through his LinkedIn posts and podcasts. After attending his Protégé event I can now categorically say that he is an inspiration and a true mentor.

Mark Mckay

The guys at Property Protégé delivered beyond my expectations. It was more than just property training, it was an experience on a whole other level, every day they hit us from a different angle stretching our comfort zones. I would recommend anyone who is thinking about working with Billy and team to go ahead and just do it.

Steven Johnson

Billy has helped me greatly over the years on different aspects of my business, particularly social media, copywriting and marketing, will definitely be working along side Billy in future. Love his straight talking advice.

Ross Henderson

Intensive 4 day course provided by ALG’s Billy Farrell. Great course content for budding property investors / developers provided by Billy and his team. Billy’s presentations were punchy and very informative, mixed with elements of fun and lots of stories and circumstances that I could relate to. Great course and a great team of genuine people that want to help you achieve your potential in property!

Del Bowes

Billy is an amazing marketer and a wealth of knowledge business. I had the pleasure of learning from him at the Property Protoge event in Glasgow. Billy’s tips on self development and mindset were invaluable to me and will serve me well in my life and business.

Danny Williamson

I have worked with Billy and his business partners, throughout the whole process of our work there has been deep understanding of what the business can do for me as a client. This has been well communicated and I can safely say that Billy and the team at PMW provide great insight, cutting edge ideas and over delivered. I look forward to working with him and PMW in the future

Stuart Bowker

I attended Property Protege recently. The information and drive that Billy has, is infectious! Down to earth and wants the best for people.
I have no hesitation in recommending Billy.

Susan Thomson

Thank you Billy for your time recently. My experience of working with Billy this past week has been inspirational and thought provoking. I would strongly recommend anyone who is creative and thinks outside everyone else’s box to spend time with Billy

Amanda Chong

My experience of working with Billy is that he has a wonderful ability to connect with his audience. Using simple language and specific examples to help me capture the learning points and his use of story telling was truly inspirational.
I have come away from the four days spent with him full of energy and focus as well as being very clear on the simple behaviours needed to become successful.
Thank you Billy.

Stuart Barnes

I have recently completed the 4 day Property Protege programme with Billy. The days spent with Billy focusing on mindset, marketing and property investment strategies have completely changed my way of thinking. Billy is a “spades a spade” type of guy that gets to the point and helps you understand your true potential.

Gary Logue

Billy is one of the best speakers and property coaches I have ever worked with! He is straight talking, humourous and has the ability deliver a lot of content in a fun and motivational way that holds the rooms attention. I have been on numerous property mentoring courses and seminars over the years, but Property Protégé is by far the best I have ever had the pleasure of attending. No matter what level of experience you have or think you have in property, Billy and the property Protégé team will help you to develop to a whole new level. For anyone considering a career in property or looking for further development in an existing property career my advice would be, do not wait! Make contact with Billy and start your new journey!

Craig Winnard

Billy has an ability to educate and captivate an audience like no one I have worked with before. Whilst on the property protege programme he has opened my mind to the importance of a strong mindset and his experience in business really shines through when you listen to him teach

Michael Conner

Massive thanks to Billy, such an inspiration. Even if your not interested in property i would go to property protege just to get a kick up the arse and pumped up for life in general.

Ian Medlock

Billy has been instrumental in guiding me on the career path I have chosen to follow.
His knowledge is vast when it comes to business and entrepreneurship.
It was an absolute pleasure working with Billy and the team.

James Doran

Billy has been a massive motivator and his mindset is outstanding! He motivated me throughout the full 4 day intensive course. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience and is happy to share this to help anyone willing to help themselves. I really enjoyed the course and would highly recommend Billy to anyone he is a massive inspiration to me. Thanks

Stephen Matheson

I spent 4 days on the Property Protege event with Billy and the team.
During the 4 days Billy delivered highly informative content on Marketing & Mindset and the manner of which Billy presents is compelling. Billy is a great storytelling in that sense that everything seems relatable to your own personal experiences and he really gets you to focus and see the bigger picture. If there is anyone who has an ambition to get involved in property or to even just learn from someone who has mastered his own growth mindset then I would highly recommend Billy.

Allan Hale

Billy is on another level. What ever your experience is in business, Billy can help you reach where you want to go. His passion for seeing others succeed is what seems to drive him and you’ll struggle anyone else out there to support you as effectively as Billy can.

Sean McIntyre

I have been working with billy for the last 6 months . He has blown me away with his marketing knowledge and helped transform my mindset tenfold

Graham McCaig

Billy has been mentoring me for the last few months and with Billys marketing and property knowledge and guidance my business has seen fantastic results. His help with social media has really elevated my business and im getting more traffic and more importantly more leads for my business.

Mark Donlon

I found working with Billy a really enjoyable and rewarding experience. Whilst much of what he teaches could be considered common sense, he delivers it it a very powerful and motivational way. He has a genuine desire to share his experience and ensure that others follow the right path to success. A good guy and I look forward to working with him again in the near future

Graham Waddell

I had the pleasure of receiving insight to Billy’s life and business journey through a Property Protege event and must say that his drive, focus and success is clear to see. Billy has helped me see the light in many different aspects of life and business and had a positive effect to my daily activities and long term ambitions.

James Duguid

Billy has an authentic and unique style of presenting his views whether its marketing or business in general. He always comes across as very genuine and knowledgeable. Billy is a great speaker and open minded enough to listen and understand people with opposite ideas and perceptions. He will tell you if he thinks you are wrong:) I can see him pursuing big and exciting projects in the future.

Tamara Russell

Having known Billy for several years in business, I have thoroughly enjoyed working with him. Billy is a marketing expert who definitely knows his stuff. I am also proud to have Billy as one of my mentors. The wisdom and knowledge he shares is priceless. When he talks people listen, I listen, and things get done!

Dylan Stewart

Billy is a master of his crafts in marketing and social media, seamlessly merging them to significant effect. He is also creative and enthusiastic in his training and mentoring capacity, constantly adding to and sharing his proven strategies and programs.

David Barr

A refreshing and positive outlook and example of how to be in business. There’s nothing about mindset and marketting this man doesn’t know. His team and experiance are second to none.

Jay Turner

I have had the pleasure of working with Billy on the LinkedInferno programme albeit virtually. I now follow him on multiple platforms as I find encouragement and motivation from his posts and articles. The LinkedInferno programme is like no other I have found to make your profile into a profit centre. It is an easy to follow programme expertly delivered by the man himself which pulls no punches and produces results from tested methods. I have no hesitation recommending Billy as an effective and honest Business coach and mentor.

Steve Ponton

I can thoroughly recommend Billy Farrell and the LinkedInferno programme. The learning experience is simple and straightforward. Follow the system as taught, put in the work required and you will enhance your business expectations on LinkedIn. Already after 2 weeks of serious use of this programme I am seeing the benefits. There has been an amazing difference in my use of LinkedIn and the results that are being returned. A few weeks ago I was ready to discard LinkedIn altogether. Billy has shown through the LinkedInferno programme that LinkedIn used in the correct manner can completely transform your business. Billy is a highly credible businessman and human being and it has been a pleasure and an education working with him.

Ross Mitchell

I am a client and mentee of Billy’s and unreservedly recommend that anybody who wants to progress in business generally and particularly in property needs to be under his guidance. He is without doubt the most knowledgeable, approachable and inspiring person I have met.

Ian Muldowney

Billy and I have worked together for almost a decade across a variety of ventures.
Billy has the phenomenal ability to make businesses work through smart marketing and growth strategies. There’s not a business or investment I’d pursue without Billy as a co-director or partner, due to an outstanding synchronicity and Billy’s talents in making whatever we do work to the highest standard.

Paul McFadden

Was recently on the alg property protege with billy and straight from the start . My mindset had switched to a I can achieve anything if I work for it . And guess what it’s True . I honestly couldn’t recommend this course to any one enough. It’s a life changer

Andrew Rae

Billy mentored me on the 4-day protege event. My experience was nothing short of mind blowing. Billy is very clever at combining proven strategies with storytelling. The course is detailed and high level at the same time. The team help you think outside the box so you can see what can be achieved in your property journey. I recommend getting in touch with ALG if you feel stuck in achieving your lifetime goals.

Edoardo Anson

Billy, THANK YOU so much! I truly cant get enough of Billy’s honest approach to everything. I’ve learned so much from him in such a short space of time and I haven’t even met him yet! Your Hardcore Entrepreneur podcast I listened to twice on my home last night on being an introvert was awesome and hilarious in that you could have been talking about me. I’ve acted on so much straight away and already seeing the benefits. Your honesty and positivity is so refreshing, but also damn useful stuff, and I would listen to your podcasts all day long. In fact I did, in the background while doing my tax return and planning for the month 😉 long may it continue. I look forward to working with you a lot more in future! Keep being awesome

Chantelle Moran

Absolute game changer!!!! This guy is well and truly one of the good guys… His knowledge and passion for sharing his knowledge has seen me sucked into his content for weeks. Without even meeting him personally, he has some how gave me a “kick up the asre” as he would say. I have grown in confidence and self belief which will now see me pursue my property dream.

Kaine Gordon

If you find yourself half heartedly pursuing ideas, you need to start at Episode 000 of Hardcore Entrepreneurship Podcast- https://www.hardcoreentrepreneurship.com/000-the-hardcore-entrepreneurship-podcast-meet-billy-farrell/#more-6220 Billy will slap you with some truth, get you to stop making excuses, and get you on track for success. Thanks Billy.

Bob T

I really enjoyed learning from Billy and the team at Property Protege. Billy has a wonderful way of explaining marketing techniques needed for a successful property business. He has also helped massively on the mindset side of the business which will be a massive help going forward.

Alexander Jones

Absolutely awesome guy. He’s been there, done that, bought the T shirt, the flip flops, and the back to front skip cap. I recently attended an ALG Property Protege event, with Billy as one of the hosts – a great guy to work with, as well as being entertaining and massively experienced in the marketing and property game. Super excited about the potential opportunity to work with you again Sir.

Laurie Duncan

Ive worked with Billy for a few months & have been very impressed with the way he does business. Billy has blown me away with the actions he takes and the results he gets , especially when he is helping others fix there mindset. I owe a large part of my success and future success to Billy.

David McGuire