If we’re really honest about it, most of the bad shit that happens to us, is our own fault. Sure, things happen that we didn’t see coming, but the reality is, most things in business are predictable. It comes down to our moment to moment choices; and most bad shit that happens, is on you. Let’s explore this idea…




Hello folks, how you doing? Billy Farrell here. Okay, I’m going to make a statement that will be little bit controversial. That statement is, congratulations, because you are exactly where you have chosen to be in your relationships, in your partnerships, in your health, your fitness, your weight, your current results in business, congratulations, celebrate your wins because you are where you have chosen to be.

Now, that’s a controversial statement, and it’s one that many people would argue with. I’d say that there’s maybe 5% of the time where we could argue against that because there are of course, third party factors in life that come into play and trip us up in business, things that we don’t always see coming, things that we don’t always expect.

However, for the most part, most things are predictable. Most things in your business and your personal life and your relationships and partnerships and everything else, most things are predictable. Now, it’s currently the 2nd of January, after the bells on the 1st, it was about half past 12 midnight, my wife went to bed. I got in the car, I drove down to see some family members at my mum’s house, and on that drive, I was having a real good deep dive into the year before. Now, on the days running up to that, I had done proper deep dive assessing wins, losses, lessons learned, the things that have went right in 2018, and the things that went wrong.

And as I was driving to my mum’s house, I started to think about a lot of the things that had went wrong in 2018, and there were many challenges. It was a frickin’ awesome year. I mean it was absolutely off the charts. Awesome for business and personal life. However, there was also a lot of drama, a lot of challenges, some stuff with the media. We had people trying to blackmail us. We had usual legal stuff coming up which happens when you play the game at a certain level. We had staff issues. We had partnership issues, joint venture issues, finance challenges on some of the bigger deals.


I mean there was all sorts of shit went wrong, but if I take a good, honest, deep look at the majority of those situations, what I’m going to find is that most of those things, and I mean pretty much most of those things, came down to decisions that I made, that my partners made, choices that we made, decisions we made, decisions on working with certain people, decisions on certain joint venture agreements, decisions on how close we got to certain people who were working for us, decisions we made on things to turn a blind eye to, not intentionally but because you’re so busy focusing on other things. Most things that went wrong for us in 2018, are a direct reflection of our inaction, lack of thought, lack of caring and so on, and I think that’s quite a hard reality for many folk to accept.

You don’t get fat overnight, right? You don’t pile on the weight overnight. That’s moment to moment bad choices, which we’re all guilty of making. Moment to moment choices. You don’t pile on the weight overnight. You don’t fail in business overnight. These things take time, and there’s a certain level of predictability.

For example, if you get to the end of a week and you say to yourself, okay, here are my goals for the month, based on the actions that I have taken this week, I will or I will not achieve my goals for the month. Tick the relevant box. Then if you take a good honest look at that, you say, well, okay, I didn’t actually pull my weight, I let this slip, I let that slip, sure, I was busy, it felt important what I was doing but the reality is, no, I am not on track to achieve my goal this month based on the actions that I took this week. I need to step it up in week 2.

See what most folk do is they just go from day to day hustling being busy being busy. Think of those words – being busy being busy. Hope that sinks in. So, most folk are being busy being busy and unproductive and they’re not being effective, they’re just being busy. So, most folk will go through the motions and then they will get to the end of that month and say, well, I did not achieve my goal, but it wasn’t for the lack of trying. That’s bullshit, because you can try and work really hard on the wrong things.

When the reality is if you set a goal in the first place and you look at that goal and you break it down from let’s say 12 months, to per quarter, to per month to per week, to per day, what is it that I have to do today to make sure I’m on track for a week? What do I need to do this week to be on track for the month, and then the quarter and then the year, etc. If you don’t take those actions, then of course you’re not going to be on track. But if you do take those actions then guess what? Good shit happens.


It’s like if you’ve ever trained for a race, a half marathon or a marathon, you don’t just go out and run 20 miles, on your first run, if you never ran before. You go out and you try and get a mile down the road, and then you continue to try and push that and stretch that and increase your time and your performance, and you’re looking for ways to optimise your diet, being careful about what you eat in order to prepare for training the next day and all that sort of stuff. You improve your running shoes, you find new ways of handling blisters, you find new ways of creating maximum energy, you time yourself on your runs, you do sprints against distance and all that sort of stuff.

So if you’re going to run a marathon, you need to train properly and that requires tracking, it requires progress. Imagine viewing your business the same way and actually taking it seriously and treating it like a business. Because most folk don’t. Most folk treat business like a hobby. Progress guys, progress.


So back to the point. Our choices create our reality. We are where we are because of the choices we have made. A friend of mine made some mistakes last year and in fact it was year before but they came into effect last year, around about legalities, around what they do. So they got a certain product to offer and they weren’t, I don’t know the exact details but they were probably on ball with their terms and conditions which left them open to attack, next thing they know they’re in court. That was a very harsh lesson to learn for them, and one I do not want on my case, and I’m sure you don’t want on yours either. But the reality is, if they look at it very seriously, then they will see that they made certain choices that led to that point.

They did or didn’t do certain things They didn’t take care of business at that level, and by the way, I understand that because in business it’s hard to keep your eye on every ball. I mean, you’re juggling so many balls, you’re spinning so many plates. Sometimes you’re so focused on trying to create cashflow or manage staff or deal with the fires that you let other things slip by the way side. You fail to focus on certain important factors. I get it. I really do get it. And as a result things slip but hey, this is business, nobody said it was going to be easy.

If you don’t take care of all the important elements, then you won’t be in business long. We need to take care of the legalities. We need to take care of the small print. We need to take care of the marketing. We need to take care of fulfilment, production, staff and resources, tax issues. We need to be the entrepreneur. We need to conduct the orchestra. Think about that.

Your choices put you where you are today. The real question is, what choices are you willing to make now that are going to make things very different by the end of this month? By the end of this quarter? By the end of this year?

So, I’ll leave you with that note. Hope that makes sense. If you found this valuable, please share it or leave feedback wherever you are watching or listening to this. If you want to catch up with me, go to followbilly.com, and connect with me. You’ll also find the link on that website to the podcast. On that note, catch you later.



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