We all have one thing in common; we all have the same amount of hours in the day. How we use them, is a different story…

Master how you look at time and you can easily extend yourself beyond what you think is possible. In this clip from a recent Property Protege event, I discuss how to re-take control of our lives, and this thing called time…




So, productivity. Time. It’s the one thing we have in common. Now, this is a passion thing for me. I absolutely love the subject of time. I love trying to figure out how to manipulate it. I love trying to figure out how to get more out of the day. I love finding leverage points. I love finding ways of having other people do things for me so that I don’t have to, of getting the most out of my own time as well. When you actually get your head into this kind of stuff, you can really really extend yourself beyond what you think is possible right now. I’m going to show you some of the best things that I’ve learned on that subject, is that okay? In fact, Richard, the book I shared with you last night, do you remember the name of it? Yeah, remember the name? Okay, but the point is that I shared a book about time with Richard, because for me, this is something I’m obsessed with. Absolutely love it.


So, let’s cover some of the core ideas that you can use with your property business. So, the one thing that we all have in common, whether you’re Alan Sugar, Donald Trump, Joe Bloggs or Paul McFadden, we’ve all got the same amount of hours in a day. Some people create miracles with it, some people do nothing. Many of the most successful folk you’ll find came from nothing or have gone through serious hardship.

Donald Trump tells a story of when he was $9 billion in debt and he was about to be made bankrupt. He was on his way to a meeting to meet with bank owners to try and figure out a way of not destroying him, where all the other developers have been put out of business and bankrupted. And he’s standing beside a homeless person on the street and he looked at him and thought, “This guy is worth $9 billion more than me”. Some folk have lost more money than you’ve ever made, than I’ve ever made, right? The point is what you do with your time, that’s what makes all the difference. We’ve all got the same 24 hours, how we use it – completely different story. Whenever I find myself making excuses for how I don’t have enough time, I know that I am absolutely full of shit. So let’s talk about it.


So our time is already spent. I can show you the statistics for how I came up with what I’m about to show you, but this is quite cool. So, our time is already spend. So, in the average life, this is all based in statistics and averages, people live until 79 to 80 years old these days, right? So that’s 700,800 hours or 700,900 hours of your life. That’s how much you’ve got if you live to that age. So when you take that into consideration, you’re going to spend 233,600 hours sleeping. So it’s a third of your life, actually gone, on sleep. People ask Paul why he bought a bed that cost like £10k or something like that, because he’s spending a third of his life on it. He might as well be comfortable.

We’re spending all the time sleeping. 16,477 hours for school, 14,600 in the bathroom, same getting dressed, 43,800 preparing and eating food, 14,600 waiting in line, 29, 200 hours doing housework 7,000 hours looking for lost stuff, and here’s the thing, working 9-5 from the age of 18 to 68, 250 days a year which accounts for annual leave and bank holidays, 101,200 hours of your life gone and 18,975 hours travelling to and from that shitty job. 35,000 hours watching TV, and by the way, I’ve not even talked about Facebook, dating, social media, sex, holidays, Christmas, events, get-togethers, nights out, nothing.

After the basic stuff, three quarters of your life is gone, wiped out before you even got moving. What’s the point of this? Because that’s why we need to leverage the absolute most out of our time. You’re here, that’s a start. We’re going to replace that income, we’re going to replace that job, potentially, if that’s what you want to do, and we’re going to free ourselves up so we can focus, but the next time you’re having a shit, and you’re sat there for 30 minutes, you’re going to remember me talking about this and think, “Oh my God, I’ve just wasted how much?”


So, we need to re-take control. We need to get back control of our lives and get in control of this thing called time. So, first thing to do is to eliminate digital distraction. I’m going to show you some scary statistics that was done in a survey with 1,000 people. This is quite cool. 1,000 people were asked these questions. Here’s the results.

53% of people reported checking social media or messages whilst driving. Who’s guilty? See, if you knock me off my motor bike, I’m going to fucking hunt you down, right. There’s too many of these people out there. I’ve been guilty as well by the way.

61% check social and messages, emails, et cetera, while on holiday. I’ve got to imagine there’s more than that. I spend the last few days, every time I could get a sneak into the bathroom, what’s happening, audio notes, whatever, right.

Office workers check email on average 40 times per hour. Can you believe it? Send, receive, or refresh. Have any of you guys ever sat on Facebook late at night and just clicked refresh to see if anything’s changed in the last 30 seconds since you last clicked refresh? And then something happens and you’re like, “Oh, that doesn’t really interest me.”, refresh.

67% of these people check their phones for activity when they don’t hear ringing or vibrating. Now imagine that like an old house phone, and it’s just sitting there, and you go, “Hello, anybody there?”

75% of people admit to using their phone on the toilet. Now when you’ve got young kids, sometimes that’s the only place you can use your phone. 69% of people cannot go to bed with our checking social media or their messages. Who’s guilty of that? Hands up. Jesus. Unreal, right. 43% of people check social media or emails, et cetera, in the middle of the night and before getting out of bed. Going to be honest with me and tell me who else does that? Hands right up, so I can see. I can’t help it. If I wake up in the middle of the night, before I get back to sleep, I look at my phone. I am guilty of this stuff.

See that chaos, that constant input of stuff, internal chaos leads to external chaos. The more crap that’s going on in there, the less control you’ve got over your world. 38% of people check these things while at the dinner table. Unless you’re going for dinner with Paul’s wife, who’s from Costa Rica, and it is a cardinal sin to look at your phone whilst you’re sitting at dinner with them. I have made that mistake in front of her. Never again. Never again. The worst thing is, they’re not allowed music either, so you’re sitting listening to them eating. If you’re like me, listening to somebody chewing, I want to stab them with something.


Next. The problem is, we love it. It’s distraction. It’s an easier life. It’s a little hit. A little dopamine release or whatever you call it. It’s that little feeling of satisfaction that someone has liked your stuff, or finding out what’s going on in the world, or just seeing what’s happening. Does that make sense? It’s easy, it’s good, we love it, and here’s the thing, the more overwhelmed we are, the more we search for a convenient distraction. We’ve all done it, right? You’re sitting, trying to watch the Property Jumpstart videos and then you find yourself clicking on to the next tab, and then you’re reading something online or looking at an article, or watching a video on Youtube or something other than what you’re supposed to be doing.

The more overwhelmed we are, the more we look for something to distract us. There’s a wee thing I use on my Mac called Rescue Time, where I actively block the sites that I don’t want to go on and I’ll set a timer, and then my computer won’t let me go onto those sites in that time. So I’ve got all my social media and stuff that I shouldn’t be on, and I’ll click start for 40 minutes, and then these pages won’t load for me on my computer.

I remember one occasion, I was going to Vegas on the plane, I was myself, I was flying over myself and got on the plane, and they told me, “We’re really sorry, but the entertainment system is down, and so is the wifi.” I’m thinking 11 hours on a plane with no entertainment system and no wifi. The funny thing is that on a recent trip before that to New York the toilet door was jamming, so they got everybody off the plane onto another one. I’m thinking surely the entertainment going down is a hell of a lot worse than that. No. I had to sit there for 11 hours. The worst of it is, because I was myself, the guy beside me was one of the guys whose arse was hanging out his trousers, and he was taking up my seat and I’m like fucking hell, don’t touch me. You know when you’re sitting beside somebody and they touch your leg with theirs and you’re like fuck off, and then they move theirs out and you’re like fuck off, get away from me.

Actually I booked that flight late, so I walked into the first class and I said to the air host guy, I said, “Look, I noticed there’s some free seats here. Now, I booked this flight late. There weren’t any first class seats online. Can I upgrade? I’ll pay you, just show me where, whatever, I’ll do it”, and he says, “Oh you’re not already in first class?”, I said no and he’s like that, “Sir, please go back to your class immediately.” I’m like fuck you. Who are you talking to? and he’s like no no no, he says, “You can’t be in here, excuse me, can you help me here? Go back to your class.”

Motherfucker. That’s the shit you’re up against, and they didn’t let me upgrade. So I had to sit beside this guy for 11 hours with nothing to do. So I took my laptop out and guess what? It was the most productive 11 hours of my life, because I had no internet. I had no opportunity to check my phone. No opportunity to check my messages. No opportunity to go on YouTube. No opportunity to get caught up in articles. I had nothing to do, but sit there and work on some paperwork and projects that I’ve been putting off, and I hammered through it.



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