“Show me the money.” “Show me the strategy.” “Show me how to do the marketing.” “Show me how to do the deals.” There’s one problem with this line of questioning. Just as lottery wins rarely hold onto the money, business owners are unlikely to reach their full potential unless certain elements are first in place. Let’s talk about what has to happen before you get the money…



Hi folks, Billy Farrell here. Okay, I’m going to give you one of the best bits of advice that I have received on achieving goals. Particularly, big goals, big targets. And to do that, I’m going to tell you a story.


There’s a guy called Darren Hardy. Darren Hardy was the editor of Success magazine. Darren Hardy has been a mentor to me. I have been through all of Darren’s training, all of Darren’s courses in the early days to get myself going. I remember reading a story about Darren where he wrote down 3 pages describing the perfect woman. Three pages describing the perfect wife. In every possible way. Where she liked to eat, where she liked to drink, what she liked to eat, what she liked to drink, what kind of clothes she liked to wear, where she liked to shop, what she was into culturally, did she like the theatre, did she like museums, did she like concerts, what did she look like, what colour of hair did she have?

He listed everything, every attribute, characteristic and descriptive factor of the perfect woman. Check the ego on this guy, right? But that’s what he wants. So, he then goes to his mentor, a guy called Jim Rohn, who many folk will be familiar with, and he said, “Jim, okay, I have 3 pages describing the perfect woman. How do I find her? Where is she?”, and Jim said to him, “Darren, the question is not where do you find her? Or how do you get her? The question is who do boy need to become to be worthy of a woman like that? Who do you need to become to be worthy of a woman like that? Who do you need to become in order to attract and be attractive to a woman like that?” See, he’s setting a higher standard for what he wanted but then he had to live into that standard, to be worthy, deserving of that thing that he wanted.


Whenever we do our Property Protege events in Glasgow, one of the first things that I say to folk is that you all want me to show you the money, to show you where to get the money, where to find the deals, how to do the deals, how to raise the finance. You want the good stuff, right? But the problem you have is that you are not mentally prepared to accumulate wealth. You are not physically prepared for people to see you as someone worth following. You’re not socially prepared for people to give you the credibility and for you to build perception in the way you want to do.

My goal when I talk to that room or when I talk to any room, is not first to say here’s how you get the goods. The first thing I want to do is help people become the kind of person who can raise the money, become the kind of person who can do the deals, become the kind of person who can overcome the challenges, become the kind of person who can build a presence online, and build that perception and back it up with the goods. Before I ever talk to anyone about the specifics of strategy, the specifics of the marketing, the deals, the negotiation, the money, et cetera, before I ever get to that, my first goal is how do we help you become the kind of person who can do these things.

You see, when it comes to business, if business is something you do, then you have a chance to make it work, but if business is who you are, then you will never worry about whether or not this is going to help you to become successful. When property is something you do, for example, you have a chance to make it work, but when property and business is who you are, then you can be sure that as long as you keep moving forward, learning from the best, implementing, learning from your mistakes, you will be successful in whatever it is you want to do. So keep that in mind guys.

So who do you need to become? Who do you need to become in order to achieve the goals that you want? What kind of habits do you need to start putting in place? How do you need to start presenting yourself to other people? How do you need to start dressing, for example?

Now let’s go through a specific target, right? Let’s say it was raining finance. In fact, before I even go there, have you ever gone in to see your family and you’ve been reading some positive stuff or you’ve attended an event or you’ve just done a big deal or whatever, you’ve done your New Year’s resolutions or whatever, right? And you go to your family and people say to you, “You look different, you look good, you know, I want whatever you’re on”. Have you ever had that experience? See, the chances are, most folk at some point in their life as long as they’re moving forward have had that experience where other people tell us that there’s a difference in us, that they can see something different in us. And all we’re doing when we are becoming the kind of person, as we’re talking about here, all we’re doing is stepping up our game so that we create that same effect in the eyes of other people.


Now, I should preface this and say, you need to have the goods to back it up. It’s not just about perception, anybody, any fool can build perception, you need to have the goods to back it up. Or people are going to very quickly find out that you’re full of shit, right? But the perception part of it, the who you need to become part of it, if you’re normally someone who walks into the room and people go, “Ah, fuck”, change it. Did you ever know someone who walks into the room and you think, “Ah, the room just became a little bit brighter when this person walked in”. They might not even have spoken yet but the room has lit up as a result of them entering it. We all know people like that, right? We also know people who are the exact opposite.

Where do you fit? How do people see you? How do people perceive you? When you walk in a room, before you even speak, do you light the room up or drag the energy out of the room? Are you normally the kind of person who talks about other people who’s negative, who complains about their life, or are you someone who talks about opportunity, prospects, progress, goals, dreams, what you’re doing, what deals you’re working on. Who are you in the eyes of other people?

Since this is a business show that we’re talking on here, a business video, a business podcast, where this is going out. Who are you in the eyes of other people? When they go to your social media, what do they see? Have you pigeon-holed yourself in a certain category, for example, you’re always talking about football, you’re always talking about mixed marshal arts, you’re always sharing family stuff, great, people will know you as the football guy, the MMA guy, the family guy or girl. Is that where you want to be positioned?

See, when people come to my profile, what I want them to see is successful, well-rounded business guy, entrepreneur, marketer. That’s what I want people to see. This guy’s got it together. He talks straight and he’s clearly successful in business. That is what I want people to see, and I’ve got the goods to back it up.

If you go to Paul McFadden’s profile, what do you see? He is the property guy. Also well-rounded straight-talking family man, but he’s primarily the property guy. When people think about you, where do they position you? How do they pigeon-hole you? Think about that. What does your online presence say about you? Now forget the online for a second, what about real world offline? How do you dress? How do you hold yourself? How do you talk? What kind of things do you talk about? Is it positive? Is it negative? Is it upbeat? Is it depressing? Is it opportunity-based or challenge based? How do you talk? How are you seen? If you turn up to a meeting, do you turn up on time or do you turn up late?

Guys, this is basic shit, but in business, the goals we want to achieve are a large part first based on who we are, how we are perceived and who we have become in order to be worthy of the people wanting to invest in your deals, invest in your business, see you as a viable solution for their problems or needs. Who are you in the eyes of other people? Who do you need to become to achieve whatever it is you want to achieve? Simple.

Hope that makes sense guys. If you like this kind of chat, drop a comment wherever you’re listening to it, and connect with me at followbilly.com. I would love to chat to you. Go and subscribe to the podcast hardcoreentrepreneurship.com. Catch you later.


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