After a short break to bring the 10X Business Bootcamp across the UK, the Hardcore Entrepreneurship Podcast is back and I’m kicking off by bringing 10X to you…



Hello, hello, hello. Who is ready for Grant Cardone? I don’t know if he heard that. I don’t know if he heard that guys. See, imagine he’s back there, who is ready for Grant Cardone? Good good good. ok guys, so thank you for having us here, it’s great to see everyone showing up.

I’ve been given 50 minutes to talk to you guys and the question I asked myself before I came out here, is;
“What can I say in the next 50 minutes that can make a dramatic, radical difference in the quality of your lives and business?”
“What can I say based on the last 14 years in business, building multi-million pound companies, up and down the country, what can I say to you in this time that is going to make a massive change to your business?”
Does that sound like something you want me to talk about guys?

Awesome. Cool. So, let me tell yo little bit about myself first, because my story will probably resonate with many of yours as well. I started in business 14 years ago, but it wasn’t from a very good place.

Growing up in a south side of Glasgow, I grew up in a place called Pollock. Which was essentially a housing estate, the next door neighbour that way was a drug dealer, the next door neighbour that way was a drug dealer, but it was a great sense of community. We looked after each other, and you know, when my dad’s car got stolen, the local drug dealer helped us get it back. So it was great. But for me growing up, watching the gang culture, the drink, the drugs, the culture we grew up in, it’s very difficult not to become a product of your environment. Does that make sense? And even though I grew up in that environment, for me, I wanted more.

I wanted more from life. I’ve seen other people driving by in nice cars, living nice lives, I’d deliver pizzas with my dad sometimes and I would go to these big fancy houses and think why not us? Does that make sense to you guys? Why not me? Why not us? And even though there was a lot of love in my family, the attitudes around money were fucking awful. The attitudes around money were money doesn’t grow where? On trees. Yes it does, it’s made of fucking paper, right? Money doesn’t grow on trees. Rich people must have screwed people. Who heard that one? It takes money to make money. And the bets one of all, making money is not for people like us. (Yeah, I nearly fell off there) Making money is not for people like us. Who heard this shit growing up guys? Hands up.

So for me, I grew up very, very frustrated. I grew up wanting more, I started my paper run, I started DJing, creating tapes, selling tapes, trying to do something with my life, trying to make money and then hang on to that money.

Then as I went into the working world, when I started getting jobs, I found that I just never fit in. Some of you guys might relate to this, I would go into jobs, I’d be full of energy, I’d have ideas, I’d want to share those ideas and I was very quickly shown back to my place. Can anyone relate to that? And I wanted more. I wanted more. So I never lasted in any one job for any period of time. Not once did I resign by the way, it was always through another door.

But through years and years of going through this, I began to become very very depressed. Started drinking too much, getting involved with the wrong people, and I remember the day that it all changed.

The day that it all changed for me, I was working in a call centre, selling life insurance, cold calling for an American company, and I remember I was the life and soul of the party because guys, you’re in this room for a reason, you’re different, right? We’re the kind of people, we are fucking weird, right? Everyone else out there is at their work, doing their job, getting on with life. We’re here, we’re different. Does that make sense? We’re here to do something in the world. And for me, what came with that was this drive to perform.

So, I was the best sales person in the call centre. 300 people. And I remember the Christmas night out, December 17th, 2004. Before that night started, the sales trainer said to me, “Billy, have you heard of Tony Robbins?”, I said no. He said, “You need to buy the book, you’ll love it”. I said okay. I then proceeded to drink, I then proceeded to black out, I then proceeded to wake up the next morning and thought, well, I’m in my own bed, you know, something went right, or wrong, depending what way you look at it. And then I started getting the text messages. Anybody had a night like that?

I started to get the text messages to tell me all of the shit I had done the night before, and I hit absolute rock bottom. Rock bottom. The things that I’d done the night before, could have landed me somewhere dark and cold, if you get my meaning. It could have got me in a lot of trouble. It’s not things I was proud of. I had no idea what I was doing. And for me, I walked into that call centre that morning and I looked at the 300 people, who were looking at me, like “you dick”, and I thought, not one of these people gives a fuck about me. Anybody get that feeling? Do you know that feeling? Because the reality is, have you had people come in to your life who become a part of your life and then they’re fucking gone? You never see them again and for the time that they were there, you gave them your attention. Have you guys had people in your lives like that?

I looked at this room and I thought, 300 people don’t give a fuck about me. If I was to go to prison, if something bad was to happen to me, I would be gossip for 3 or 4 days, and then people would say, “Do you remember that guy Billy who used to work here?” That’s not the life that I envision for myself. So I walked out of that call centre, I literally smashed my phone, I insulted the boss so I could never go back. I smashed my phone, I should have just took the fucking SIM card but it was a passionate moment. Smash. I walked to the nearest book store, and I bought “Awaken the Giant Within” by Tony Robbins.

Now here’s where it changed. Tony shared a couple of ideas in that book that hit me. He said that if a thing is humanly possible, consider it within your reach. If a thing is humanly possible, consider it within your reach. And if other people have made things happen then why not you? And I ask you the same question. If you see people in your world who are significantly more successful, people who perform at the highest levels, why not you? Why not you?

When Tony put this idea to me, and when I read this, it was like a lightbulb moment in my head. Here he’s talking about flying his private helicopter over the building he used to work in as a janitor and looking down and thinking about where he came from. Here he’s talking about this, and I’m looking at the quality of my utterly shit life at the time, and I thought, no fucking more. Enough is enough, I’m taking a stand, there is no going back. And guys, this is very different from goal-setting, this is a fucking standard.

There’s a big difference between a goal and a standard. Does that make sense? A standard is, I won’t even entertain the idea of touching another drink, and I was sober for 10 years after that. Started drinking again a very different person, but I made a standard, you couldn’t even… Thank you. The standard was, I would not let one drink touch my lips, I would no longer endure the bullshit of my fucking false friends. Enough was enough. I moved away and I made the change.

Now, to say that it was smooth sailing from that point on would be a big lie, because if you guys are in business, you are fucking mental. Is that fair? You have to be special kind of fucking nuts to do what we do, because it ain’t easy. The years that have followed, if I started here, financially, physically, emotionally, spiritually, I went down to here after reading Tony Robbins, because I went out and I hit the world with no sense, no idea what I was doing.

I endured bankruptcy, I had a house taken off me, a car taken off me, I lost many of the people close to me in my life and I kept on fucking going. I kept on pushing forward. I don’t know if it was stubbornness or stupidity, but I kept moving forward. I kept pushing. I wanted to prove those people wrong. Who’s got people in their life, you know those people I’m talking about, who know you’re here and think you’re bonkers? Hands up to show me guys. I love it. Hands right up and look around the room. We are the weirdos, right, enjoy that. We are the crazy ones as Steve Jobs would say, right? Fucking right, and be proud of that.

Now, the life I live today is a very different place from the life that I came from. The life I live today, and I don’t say this to impress you, I don’t, I couldn’t care less. I say this to impress upon you. The life I live today is a very different place. I live in a house that I used to drive by and think, one day, I married the woman of my dreams, she’s amazing, she’s Scottish, she’s tougher than me, right. Although I’ve got a better beard, let’s not talk about that. Let’s not talk about that. One of them anyway. So, I’ve got 4 beautiful daughters, my oldest is 6. My oldest is 6. The next one is 4, the next one is 3, the next one is 1. I also used to have hair but that fucking went, right? And we run massive companies, we’re one of the biggest home builders in Scotland. We run media companies. We’ve got interest in property, land, development. We’ve got a bar and a restaurant, I mean, we’re putting on these events, and you can have it all. You can have it all. You can have that family life. My family to me are way more important than business. Way more important. Getting that time. I know every fucking word to Frozen. Every word. I know every word to Moana, “Make Way”. Every word. And it’s more important to me to be a dad and a husband than it is to be successful in business, but guess what, I’m fucking killing it in business. And it’s exactly what you guys can have too. No bullshit.


So let’s crack on with this, guys. Your millionaire mindset. Wealth is an internal game. Would you agree with that? It starts in here, before it happens out here. It has to happen internally, before it happens externally, and we’re going to explore this this morning. You can take someone who has never had any money and give them the winning lottery ticket. What happens to that person’s money within a relatively short space of time? What happens to it? It’s gone. Where does it go? Who fucking knows, right? But it’s gone.

Most folk statistically who want the lottery end up worse off financially, one year later. Why? Because their mind was not ready for that level of wealth. Now, I saw this growing up in my family. Whenever my dad made money, we knew. Do you know why we knew? Because we had a Chinese that weekend. We knew we’d made money, because we went to Global Video and rented 3 videos until Sunday, or we had some new toys. We knew when money came in because as quick as it came in, it was right back out the door. Do you know why? Because we’ve worked hard. We deserve it. This is a treat. You don’t deserve jack shit.

We work with property investors who go out and they’ll do their first property deal. “Billy, I banked £30k”, well done. What’s next? “Well, I’m going to go on holiday, it’s been a stressful couple of months”. You fucking clown. Get back to work, because when you get back from holiday, and you’ve paid off your mum’s debts, and you’ve bought a nice car and you’ve upgraded your flat, you’re fucking skint again, and you’ve lost all momentum, because this is what happens.

So let’s explore a few ideas on this note, and by the way, what happens if you take someone who has been incredibly financially successful and you take away all their money, put them in an alternate planet earth, do you think they’ll make their money back again? Yes or yes? Of course. Why? Because this is right, and this is the single, please hear me, the single most important thing in your financial game, is your mindset. It’s not about how do you find the deals, how do you make the money? It’s about becoming the kind of person who can make the money. It’s about becoming the kind of person who can do the deals.


So, 90% of success is showing up. Who agrees with that? Bullshit. It’s true, and it’s not true. How does that work? Because if you show up and you don’t fucking do anything, then you might as well have stayed at home. Does that make sense? You can get excited about going to the gym, until you walk in there and start lifting shit.

We used to go to property networking events. We used to run property networking events in Scotland, many years ago, and if I was to go back to one of those similar events today, guess who I would see? The same fucking maniacs who were there 10 years ago, and I remember when I was staring in that scene and I used to walk up to these guys and I’d say, “So, you know, what deals are you working on? What are you guys up to? How’s business? How’s it going?” And they’d be like, “Whoa, calm down son, you know, it’s good to see you. Yeah, I’m working on a few things here and there.” I’m like, “Fucking hell, I’m in the wrong room. I’m in the wrong room.”

Because I’m not there to make friends. I’m not there to talk to people. I’m not there to be part of a fucking social club that is networking. I’m there with a purpose. I’m there for a reason. I’m there to meet cool people, to find people who I can help and who can help me. I’m there with outcomes for my companies. I’m there to build those relationships. I’m not there to ask how your fucking dog is, or how life is or how fucking lovely the weather is. By the way, not in Scotland. We don’t have that chat in Scotland, we just ignore the weather. So, if we want to be successful, we need to show up and we need to do the work. We need to do the work. We need to stick to the one thing that we are focusing on and go all in on that one thing, and we need to do the fucking work. That’s it. If you don’t do the work, good luck to you.


Now, this is your opportunity. This weekend is your opportunity. Guys, who’s been to other seminars before? Hands way up in the air so I can see. Way up. Now that’s a good thing because you’re continually learning but I am not going to ask you to put your hand up again if you’re still fucking skint, because here’s the problem. I did this. I used to go to these seminars, I used to get inspired, pumped up, full of good ideas, go home and do fucking nothing, or go home, spend three days creating lists of how to handle objections, kidding myself on I was doing work, pretend that things were going well. I’ve got my laptop, I’ve got my business cards, I’m a business man, and then your gran sends you a card “Well done, son, you’re in business, congratulations”. Still fucking skint. Still not further forward.

This weekend is your opportunity. It’s your opportunity to literally 10X your business, 10X your income and 10X your life. It’s your opportunity to make that happen. Do not leave the scene of this weekend the same way you walked in. Do not leave this weekend without committing. Do you know what? If I go to any future seminars, the reason I’m going to go, is to get a hint of knowledge that can be added to my already successful company. Does that make sense?

Make this the moment that it changes. Make this the moment that the frustration fucking dies. Make this your moment, and you follow the system. If Grant turns around and tells you, here are the 6 steps to achieve this result. Please, do not add step 7 because some dick on a Facebook group told you it was a good idea. Please do not say, “Well, Grant gave us 6 steps, but number 2 is not really relevant to me, you know. I know my business, number 2 is not really relevant, so I’m going to skip that one. And I’m just going to go for 1, 3, 4 and 5 and 6.” Does that make sense?

Follow the system. If you’re given a system, use it, you’ve paid to come here. You’ve invested in yourself. I have the utmost respect for you. Now listen, learn, take the ideas.


The 3 most dangerous words you can use this weekend – I know that, because the chances are that unless you’re living it, you don’t know it. Is that fair? Unless you’re living it, unless it’s part of your daily reality, you don’t know it. You’ve heard about it. You read it in a book one time. You thought it was a good idea but you don’t know jack shit until you’re in the trenches living it. So avoid those words.


No matter your past, you have a spotless future. Whoever you were when you came in that door, leave it there. It’s done. Who’s ready for a big change this weekend? Good. I’m in the right room.


If a thing is possible, it’s within your reach. You see, when I started reading Tony Robbins, and I started to follow people like Grant Cardone, who by the way has been a great mentor to me as well, and now we do business together. When I started following these people, this is one of the things that stuck in my mind. This was one of the beliefs. This was the belief that took me from being absolutely rock bottom broke, to where I am today. This was it.

There are 7 million millionaires in the western world. 7 million. Now if I told you that a thousand people on the planet had achieved a certain result, is it possible? Yes or no? Yes. If I told you that 100 thousand people have achieved a certain result, is it possible, yes or no? What if 7 million have done it? What if 7 million people have done this, why not you?

I used to believe that success wasn’t for people like me, because that childhood programming, it kicked right back in. I went right back there, and it still creeps in now and then. Making money is not for people like me. That belief would hold on to me, but then I come back to this, if a thing is possible, it’s within my reach. If other people have done it, why not me? I used to think God was against me making money. The universe was against me making money, Buddha, Allah, the Law of Attraction, people, I used t think everything was against me making money and it just wasn’t for someone like me. Has anybody else felt that in their life, gonna be honest with me? Has anyone else felt like it’s just not supposed to happen? Because this is where I was. But if it’s possible, it’s within your reach. If other people have done it, it’s within your reach.

Hands up if you know someone more successful than you who’s a complete fucking imbecile? Hands up. Awesome. Because they followed a system. Making money is a skill. It involves learning certain things. It involves focus. It involves discipline. It involves all the shit that you’ve heard but you don’t want to believe because you think that there’s some magic fucking secret somewhere. No. All the things you’ve heard about making money and being successful; discipline, hard work, showing up, getting things done, learning from successful people, all of these things; this is how it’s done. This is how it’s done, and if you can get that this weekend, things will change for you.


So, destined for greatness. I believe that every person in this room is destined for greatness, and that’s not any airy fairy bullshit as you can probably tell, I don’t do that. I believe every person here is meant for more. Every person here is meant for better. Every person here, because you’re here. You’ve made that investment. You’ve made that commitment. You dressed up nice. You booked your hotel. You came here. You travelled here, You’re ready for it. The rest of the world, they’re getting on with it. They’re talking about their lives, doing whatever the fuck they do, just getting on with work. You’re here, on a Friday, learning how to better your life. Respect.

So, I remember having a conversation with a pastor actually on our podcast, and this isn’t a spiritual chat here by the way, but the chat that I had with the guy, he’s a Christian pastor and I was challenging him with different ideas around money, because we’ve all heard the spiritual things against, apparently, money. And I challenged this guy on it and it was a real good podcast which you should listen to.

He says, “Billy, there’s a plan for your life. Every spiritual text, every religion would tell you there is a plan for you life”, and I said, “But I’ve got a plan for my life. I don’t really want any other plan imposed on me.” He says, “No no no, Billy, see that feeling you wake up with in the morning, that hunger for more” – you guys know what I’m talking about right? – “That drive for more, that feeling that you want this life, that you want to make an impact, that you want to do something with your life, see that feeling you’ve got, that is the path for your life. That natural inclination that you wake up with in the morning, that drive for more, that’s yours. That’s the path for your life, but you have to do the work.” And I say the same thing to you guys now. You are meant for more. You’re here because there’s something inside you that wants more, am I right? You want more, there’s more to life, you want it, you want to know how to get it? Cool, you’re in the right place.


So, money doesn’t go far so we must go further. Who in this room earns 6 figures plus? Hands up so I can see. Awesome, good few folk. Now please tell me if I’m wrong here, right, but when your income goes up so do your what? Expenses. Am I right?

When your income goes up, so do your expenses, because I remember when I used to think, I cannot wait until the day when I’m earning £100k plus, you know. If I can earn £12k a month, I am sorted, I don’t need any more than that, right? I’m good, and then I remember when I started earring £12k a month. Suddenly, I don’t need to stay in my parent’s spare room because I’ve got money. Suddenly, I don’t need to drive that beat up white Ford Fiesta that I bought for 50 quid. Now, I can go and get a nicer car, because I’m making money, right? Suddenly I can go from being the guy who goes to the Asda coin machine at midnight, when no one can see me, and tries not to press the donate to charity button, tries to press the other button, so I can get a fucking can of coke and dinner that night. I went from there, to having a radically different mindset. Is this making sense what I’m saying?

So money doesn’t go far. I went from that, to being the guy who says where are we going for dinner? Cool, let’s go. I don’t need to think about how much I’m going to spend, in fact, it’s on me, and this is the problem when you come in to money. Your mind is not programmed to keep it, because when you come into money, it starts to go. When your income rises, so do your expenses, and by the way, see when you go to earning let’s say £100k a month plus, it doesn’t fucking change. In fact, there’s more people at your door looking for money. The tax man being one of them. Don’t forget that one, trust me on that. The tax man, VAT. Fucking hell. You shouldn’t be spending that shit anyway, right. The tax man is going to come to your door, people are going to look to you for handouts, life gets harder. Problems get bigger the more money you get, and do you know what? This weekend is going to help you overcome that, but there’s only one solution guys, and it’s make more fucking money.

Make more money. If money is finite, if you can burn through it very quick.. I was with a guy in Miami, when we were over to see Grant, a guy called Max Knowles, one of the most successful network marketers back in the day, and he’s now went on to form different businesses, and he was a multi-millionaire at 21, and then he lost the lot. This is a story that I am so familiar with in my own life, and with so many other people that I know, because they come in to the money, they don’t know how to keep it and then they lose it. Is this making sense what I’m saying here guys? Good. So this weekend we’re going to work on a very different plan to reprogram that.


So, let’s talk about your financial thermostat. This is an idea that’s been around for a long time, that everyone has a financial thermostat, like a thermostat in a room has a set point, right, and whatever that set point is, the chances are the temperature is not going to be too far north from that or too far south. Does that make sense? And just as a room has a temperature thermostat, we also have a financial thermostat. A number that we’re comfortable with when it comes to money.

We’re going to explore this. For example, I was speaking to a family member recently they were looking for a job, I asked what you’re looking for, she said, well, something around £2k a month. I said “Why? You’ve been earning that for years, why are you not looking for more?”, and she says, “No no no no, I’m good with £2k, maybe £2,500, you know, I’d be happy with that”. People don’t tent to go too far above or below their number, does that make sense? Everyone’s got a number.

I was with a guy in Vegas a couple of months ago and he said, “I can’t imagine earning any less than $50k a month, I just can’t imagine it.” And it’s that idea that I cannot imagine earning any less than this number, that places us with that financial thermostat, does that make sense? Everyone in this room has got their number, and that’s one of the biggest thing holding you back. It’s where you feel you belong, where you feel you can earn, what you feel you’re worth, because if you felt like you could do more, that you could earn more, then you would be doing it. So, we need to first establish where we are financially, and then we need to talk about how to change it, and I’m going to touch on that just now.


So, your income can only grow to the extent that you do. Write that one down. Your income can only grow to the extent that you do. You want your income to grow? You have to do it first. If you don’t like the fruits, change the roots, simple. So, let’s take your temperature.

I want you to write some things down for me guys. First of all, how much money could you lose today, it’s like “Billy, I’m going to be a millionaire, I’m going to be super successful.” Great, how much could you afford to lose without freaking out? Write it down. “I’m going to be millionaire, but you know, if you took 500 quid off me, I’d be fucked”. Cool, it’s not a bad thing, let’s just get right, let’s look at our financial fitness. See, if you strip but ass naked and look in a mirror, you can see what’s looking back at you, right? It’s like, no, there’s no sugar-coating this shit, that needs to go. I’m a wee bit flabby, but how come when we’re financially flabby, or financially unfit, we ignore it, we put our heads in the sand, we brush it under the carper, we make it less than a big deal. Does this make sense what I’m saying?

We play it down. We pretend it’s going to change, it’s going to get better when the reality is, it ain’t, unless we get better. So, how much could you afford to lose without losing your mind?

Next, what’s the average financial worth of your closest friends? Who are you hanging about with? Who are you spending your time with? Ever noticed that fitness junkies hang about with other fitness junkies? Alcoholics hang about with other alcoholics, either sober or otherwise. Ever noticed how birds of a feather flock together, as Mark said? So, who are you hanging about with? What kind of chat are you listening to? Who are you spending time with?

You see, my wife knows better than to ask me to attend a christening or a birthday party or anything like that because the answer is no. The answer is no. In fact, can I be really straight here guys? Can I get your permission to be really straight? You sure? Cool. So I don’t go to christenings and things like that, because I don’t want to hang about with the limp dick dads, as I call them. That’s the dads who are talking about how tough life is, how shit their job is, you know, or the wives end up becoming the masculine in the relationship, because the dads are fucking dead-beats. They’ll go, “Oh, Charles go to the car and get the bag.” Fucking check them out, and I’m like, “Charles, you’re a dick mate.” So I don’t have any interest in hanging about in these environments, I don’t want to hang about there.

When I stopped drinking, I tried to be that guy who could go out with my pals, and be the fun sober one, right, and my friends would say to me, “Billy, you’ve changed.” The first thing I did was say, “I’ve not changed, I’m still me, I’m still Jenny from the block, right. I’m still me, nothing’s changed”, but you know what the reality is guys? I had changed, and I wasn’t trying to be better than any of them. I was just trying to be better than I was yesterday, and people don’t always like that. I used to go from talking about the football, who pulled who last night, who ended up where, what’s happening. I used to go from that guy talking about that, and now I’m listening to Tony Robbins talking about successful life. Now, I’m reading Grant Cardone. Now, I’m reading people talking about what they want out of life, and I’m thinking, these two worlds are disconnected. Does that make sense?

I no longer could relate to the conversation, these guys were still my pals but guess what? I didn’t have to cut them, they cut me, because I had changed. So, who are you hanging about with? What kind of chat are you listening to? Are you hanging about with people who challenge you, who push you, who hold you to a higher standard? Who are you hanging about with?

What did you learn about money growing up? What kind of financial patterns do you see? What kind of statements were made? By the way, that shit is still running in your life. For the most part, those beliefs, those ideas, those patterns that we saw around money, that’s still there, and it will creep in and get you if you’re not careful.

What are you feeding your mind day to day? Guys, I haven’t read a newspaper in over 13 years, haven’t touched one. I don’t listen to the radio. I don’t watch TV, I fucking hate the TV. Adverts – shoot me. Netflix, boxsets – love it, right, me and my wife will get lost in, you know, some awesome TV series, but not on the TV. Because I do not want my mind being fed the agenda of the media, of the government, of the fucking world around me. There’s the world and then there’s my world. Does that make sense? And I like my world. Sometimes I’m called ignorant for that. People say, “Well, Billy, if you’re not paying attention to current affairs, you know, what happens if there’s something major that happens that’s going to affect you?”, I say, “Well somebody will phone me and tell me.” If there’s a tsunami heading towards the house I stay in, well I’m fucked anyway, you know, somebody will let me know.

The most important things are going to pop up in your radar guys. They’re going to come up, but you aren’t going to get that shit on Facebook or anywhere else. My advice to you, go to Facebook, and use an unfollow tool to get rid of every single human being that you are following. They’ll stay as friends but they won’t know you’ve unfollowed them.

My dad said to me the other week, he says, “Did you see the picture I’ve put up of the deer, the stags, the deer?”, I said no. Fuck. Here we go. He says, “What do you mean you didn’t see it? Everyone saw it.” And my brother said, “He unfollowed you.” He goes, “What do you mean you unfollowed me?” I said “Dad, you talk a lot of shite, you know, and every time you like one of your old school friend’s grandson’s christening or whatever, I need to see that shit and it’s just not part of my world.” My mum said, “Good on you”, and I said “I unfollowed you as well.”

Unfollow everybody and then go back in and follow the people and the pages that lift you up, that light you up, that fit with the direction of your life. Do you know what? When I go on my Facebook feed, it’s actually a really cool place. When I go on my Instagram, I’ve only got about 100 folk that I’m following on there. It’s a pretty cool place. I see things that I want to see, things that inspire me, that light me up, because guess what? You cannot help but be affected when you’re taking in things that don’t serve you, does that make sense? You can’t help it guys, it’s impossible.

I remember at New Year, I was so fired up. I’m very close to my family. I was so fired up at New Year. Ready for the year ahead, and I’d put a post on LinkedIn that had 7 million views, and I remember going to my mum’s house and she said, “I need to talk to you.” “What is it?” She said, “People in my work are talking about your post on LinkedIn, everybody’s seen it”, I said “Cool”, and she said “They don’t like it”, and I said “Cool.”

I said, “I’ve had some death threats off the back of it” and I didn’t say anything bad, just people are fucking mental. My mum says, “Are you not worried about your safety? People will kidnap your children because they know that you’ve got money.” I’m like that, “Well, now I am, hold on a minute, I better take that down”, and I left that house on a downer. I went in high as a kite and I left in a downer, because I’d let other people’s ideas… Guys, see the world round about you – your friends, your family, well-meaning or otherwise, are going to base your possibilities on their failures. They’re going to base your possibilities on their limits. They’re going to base what’s possible for you, on their idea of what’s not possible for them, and if you’re not careful, that stuff is going to get in.

Next, could you be playing a more aggressive game? Yes or yes? Let’s try that again. Could you be playing a more aggressive game? Yes or yes? The answer is always yes. “But Billy, I am absolutely up against it. I’m working 24/7”. Good. This is the point where, to be aggressive, you go and find someone to bring in, to replace the shit that you’re doing, so you can go and do the things that make the most money, so that you can go and do the things that are most important in your business. Never-ending growth.


So, how do we reprogram this thermostat? Let’s have a chat about this. I’ll just check the time. So, number one, get around successful people. Get around people who challenge you to a higher level. Guys, it is impossible to spend time in the company of successful people, and not feel like there’s more to life. Does that make sense? Mark’s talking about some of the things that Alan Sugar said, Lord Sugar. Do you think, if you were around Lord Sugar, you would glean some major insight that would change your life? Do you think you would? By the way, you don’t always need to like the people, or even respect them. You can learn many things from some of the worst people in the world. Does that make sense? It’s about silently watching, listening and taking it in, taking the things that work for you and discarding what doesn’t. If you remember people who are talking of a higher game, talking about bigger deals, taking about what’s possible, then you’re good.

One of my mentors said to me many years ago, “Billy, how much money do you want to make this year?”, I said “£1million plus.”
He said, “Good, do you think you’ll do it?”
“Yes”, and he says “Okay, are there other people in your field who are not that much further ahead of you” – listen to this – “who are making £1million plus?”
I said, “Yes.”
He said, “Good, so now you know it’s possible. Next question – if I was to take your family out in the street and shoot them in 9 months if you did not hit that goal, would you make it happen?” “Fucking right I would.”
“And would you do it in a lot less than 12, 11, 10 or 9 months?”
“I’d do it in 3.”
“And would you do it legally, morally, ethically?”
He said “Good, now you know it’s possible, now you know you can do it, stop talking and get to work”.

See, when I hear chat like that, when I talk to people like that, I’m challenged to bigger ideas and I want to go out and take over the world. I like being around people who make me feel that hunger. So, who are you hanging about with? Who are you talking to? What are you listening to? Does it serve you? You’ve got one fucking life.


Next, find the best and learn from them. That’s why we’re here, right? That’s why we’re in this room. We’re here to learn from each other. We’re here to learn from Grant. We’re here to push forward. Find the best and learn from them. Guys, don’t go and read 1,000 books, go and read like 5 really good ones, again and again and again. Find the people who talk the language that you want to hear, which is why you’re here to hear from Grant, right. Find the people that talk the language that you want to hear and then immerse yourself in their content, become fluent in that language.


Next, commit to personal growth. Instead of listening to the radio, listen to a podcast, listen to an audiobook. Instead of reading the paper, read something that educates you and takes your life forward. Take in the right content, and watch what happens to your life. Are you fuelling your life or not? That is the question.


Next, test-drive the car and view the dream home. Dan Pena calls this the, “Smell the leather experience”. Has anyone done this by the way? It’s fun right. I remember the first time I did this years ago, I actually had a nice S-class Mercedes at the time. I drove to the Bentley garage, test drove a Bentley, and when I got on the motorway, before I ever had a Bentley, I got on the motorway, and I put my foot down and it felt like that feeling when you’re on the plane, and the plane starts to go on the runway and you’re kind of pulled back in your seat. That’s what it felt like.

I felt the stitching on the wheel. I smelled the leather in the car, and when I got out of that car, back in to my S-class, which I thought was awesome before I went in, I thought I am fucking poor. I cannot do this, and then I would go, and then I’d walk around CALA show homes and different show homes and say “Do you mind if I have a wee look around the house?” and the estate agent would say “Sure, go for it”, Then I’d be there for like an hour, they’d find me lying on the bed and imagining it was mine. I’d view floor plans and property websites, and I’d imagine waking up and walking through the house and feeling the carpet under my feet. I would live my perfect day internally, repeatedly, before it ever became reality and it lit me up.

Viewing the car, viewing the house, test-driving the car. It’s not about the house or the car by the way. It’s about lifting your mindset. It’s about raising that personal standard for what you will or won’t accept in your life. It’s not about having enough money to buy a Rolls Royce or a Bentley. It’s about having enough money to say fuck it, I want 10. That’s a good place to be, to not have to worry. If you can count how much money you’ve got in the bank, you’ve not got enough. If your bank account doesn’t look like a phone number, you’re fucked.


Next, clarify your rich vision. Get that vision in mind. I am amazed when I ask people, “Do you know what you want for your life?” and they say, “Well, I’ve got an idea”. It’s like running around the football pitch with a ball and a bunch of sweaty guys and there’s no goal posts. What’s the fucking point? “But it’s fun and it fulfils my soul.” Fuck off. Let’s know where the goal posts are. Let’s know what we want from life and let’s fucking hunt it. Every day, fucking hunt it. This is what I want, this is what I’m going after. If you’re in my way, I am going to run you the fuck down. Do you get up with that passion in the morning? Do you have that drive in your life for more? You need it. You need to know what you want. You need to know where you’re going. There needs to be a higher purpose for it, and it’s not all just about the money by the way. It’s about what the money can do. It’s about who the money can help you become. It’s about the kind of impact you can make with that money.


10X Business Bootcamp. Who’s here to 10X their life? Grant just heard that and walked out by the way. Who’s here to 10X their life? It’s okay Grant, they’re good. You’re here. This is a great peer group. I’m going to say something controversial here, alright? You ready for it? They say surround yourself with positive and like-minded people. Have you heard that? Well, forget the positive part, you’re already surrounding yourself with like-minded people, you just don’t fucking know it. Because those people you’re surrounding yourself with, that is your peer group right now. That is your peer group, because birds of a feather flock together. You’re all talking the same language. Change it. Move away from it. Change it. These people in this room, these are your peer group. These are the people you want to meet. These are the people you want to get involved with, and by the way, here’s the next controversial bit. That doesn’t mean everybody. That means find the people in the room who are ahead of where you are, and learning from them, getting around those folk, being able to very quickly distinguish the action takers from the time wasters. Does that make sense? If you get that radar right, you’re good. So, let’s go through a few more points and then we’ll wrap up. Who’s ready for Grant Cardone? Good.


Now, a commitment to wealth. You see, I like to think of commitment like pregnancy. It’s happening or it’s not, right? My wife’s pretty much been pregnant for the last 6 years. Again, I used to have hair, right? And now I have a house full of women. God help me. But commitment is like pregnancy. My wife didn’t say, “You know what, I’m pregnant today but tonight I’ll just take a night off and chill”. No, you’re in or you’re not. You’re committed or you’re not.

People say to me, “Billy, I’ll do whatever it takes”. “Oh, Grant is coming to the UK? I’ll do whatever it takes to be there but can you bring him to Manchester?” No, dickhead, come to London. Grant came from Miami, you can fucking get the bus. “I’ll do whatever it takes to be successful but don’t ask me to invest in myself, surely this is a scam, any mentor who asks you to pay for their services must be ripping you off.” Yeah.

A commitment to wealth. “Billy, I’ll do whatever it takes, but, you know, Tuesday night’s five-a-side, you know, I can’t go out and do viewings and see properties and network on a Tuesday night”. Okay, enjoy poverty, dickhead. You’re either committed or you’re not. You’re either all in or you’re not. There is no fucking time off. Success knows no working hours. Now, by the way, I say that as a committed dad who likes to spend time with his girls, and by the way, see when I’m doing that, I’m fully engaged. You won’t get me on the phone, but I’m also smart enough to know that if I’m tired at the end if the night, and I’ve got tasks that were supposed to be done that day, if I do not do those tasks, then I’m not just pushing those tasks into the next day. Do you know what I’m doing? I’m pushing those tasks and the entire chain of actions between me and my goal, further down the line. And every time I procrastinate, I put things off, I put things over to the next day, again, I’m pushing everything that needs to happen between me and my goals, further down the line. It’s bullshit, it will get you nowhere, you’ve got one fucking life.


Next, 100% responsibility. I remember one day a business partner of mine, this was many years ago. He said “Billy, I need to talk to you”, I said, “Good, because I need to talk to you”, and I went in to see him. I was ready to lay down this torrent of abuse. “What have you been doing? Why have you not been working? Where have you been? I’ve not heard from you.” I was ready to hit this guy, and before I could say a word, he said to me, “Billy, you’re a victim.” I thought okay, I’m going to take whatever little respect I’ve got for this guy and I’m going to listen. He said, “You’re a victim, it’s never on you, it’s always on somebody else”, and I listened, and I went away from that meeting and I had a good think about this, and I started reading online and I found that victims do three things. They blame, complain and justify, and if I found myself doing any one of those three things, then I was living victim mentality.

You see, people with a poverty mindset believe life happens to me; people with a wealthy mindset believe I create my life. The opposite of being a victim is to take 100% responsibility for your results, 100% responsibility for your life. It’s not his fault, her fault or their fault – it’s your fault. It’s always on you. It’s never your fault, it’s always your responsibility. Does that make sense? See when you start to live like that, when something happens.

A while ago, when someone we were doing a deal with screwed us, screwed us with hundreds of thousands of pounds, and it was a sore one. I had a lot of trust in this person and it was a sore one. After it, my wife said to me, “Do you have any regrets?”, and I was actually quite proud of myself at that moment to say no. I’ve never actually felt any regrets. Instead, I’ve learned a lot of lessons, and those lessons, if I make those mistakes again, then that is double on me. When shit goes wrong, when life throws you a curveball, there’s no point blaming, complaining, justifying, playing it down. Own that shit. Own it. It’s on you. You allowed this to happen.

One of my mentors said to me, “Billy, celebrate your success because right now you are exactly where you are supposed to be, physically, financially, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. You are in the exact relationship you’ve chosen to be in. Celebrate your success because you’re exactly where you’ve chosen to be”. I say the same thing to you now, and sometimes that’s not pleasant to hear, but we are where we are for our day to day, moment to moment choices, through how we choose to receive what happens in our world and interpret it.


Pursue the new normal. Guys, if a week goes by where I find myself comfortable, then I know I’m not stretching. I like to live in uncomfortable. You do not know what your capacity is until you’re pushed. Does that make sense? To that capacity.

When I had one kid, I though, holy fuck, I knew I was having them but I didn’t know they were having me. And then when I had 2 kids, I looked at 1 and thought that was easy, what was I complaining about? And then when I had 3 kids, I looked at 2 and thought – walk in the park. I don’t know why people are complain about having 2 kids, and then when I had 4. Nowadays when one of our in-laws or whatever watches 1 of the girls, it’s like “Ah, 3 daughters tonight, life is easy”, because every time we push to that new level, you’re forced to adapt to increase your capacity to improve your systems, improve how you operate, run it like a machine. It’s the same in business.

Every time you hit up against that ceiling, you are forced to become more resourceful. It’s never a question of resources, it’s always a question of resourcefulness. So, approach that new normal. I want to get to that point where, guys, the first time I’d done a property deal, it was like holy fuck, this is insane. Now it’s just handled, now it’s just done.

First time I went into a big negotiation of land development, it was like I am so far out of my comfort zone, it is sickening. I might have even thrown up before it, who knows, but nowadays, I walk in to those environments and I get shit done. Is there things that you’ve done in your working life, where you look back at those things now and think, why was I ever worried about that? Is there things in your life like that guys? So, how about the things that you’re currently looking at that might be a challenge to you? How about if all it stands between you and that is a little comfort zone stretch, is pushing through the uncomfortable?

What most folk do, is they come in to these situations and they think “Oh my God, it must just not be for someone like me. It must just not be meant to be. Too many things keep going wrong. I might as well just give up.” Do you know what I’m saying here? Whereas the reality is if you push beyond that, then one day the things that you currently find difficult and uncomfortable, will become part of your daily reality, and when you get there, guess what you do? You do the whole thing again, and you step it up again.


Turn your ‘shoulds’ into ‘musts’. Guys, you’re going to hate me for this one, and I mean it, you’re going to hate me for this one. When I started adopting this philosophy, I was at another event, and at that event, I remember being told, you know, you should, instead of eating high fat breakfast, carby breakfast, like, you know, guys, this weekend, we’re staying in hotels, mostly, you should eat this green smoothie shit, right? And alkalise and energise, and all the rest of it.

Why go for a hot shower and feel tired when you can go for a cold shower and wake your body up, right? Things we know we probably should do. So I woke up the next morning and I thought right, I’m going to hit snooze, and I thought, “Billy, turn your shoulds into musts”. Oh fuck. Right. I’m up. Okay, do you know what I’m going to do, I’m going to go for a nice shower and just ease my way into the day.

“Billy, put it to freezing cold, bollock naked, get in there and go for it” Fuck. Fuck you Billy. Dick. I went in the shower, fucking freezing, back out, jumping in, jumping out, treated myself to a wee bit of warmth. Then I thought breakfast. I love hotels breakfast. I love that buffet style, grab what you want and then go up for more, “But I bought this alkalising green shit yesterday, I should probably have that.” Fuck you, Billy, this is shit, I mean this fucking sucks. Then I need to get from there to the venue for the event. Well, I could get a taxi or I could walk, open up my lungs, get my lymphatic system going.

I got to the event and I met the person that I’d been with the day before, she’d had a hot shower, ate hotel breakfast, slept in and got a taxi to the event and she was exhausted. She was sitting, there, she had those post-breakfast morning sweats going on. She was tired. She was like, “I’ve not really woke up yet”, and I was like, fucking bouncing man, let’s hit this. Turn your shoulds into musts. I know I should do it, so it’s a must. There’s no negotiating and by the way guys, at the end of this event, you can give a massive fuck you Billy, because you’re going to hate me for this, but we know we should do it, right? So we know we must.

So, I’m going to give you this wee gift there guys right. I don’t sell anything. I have nothing to sell you. I have no courses, workshops, mentorships to sell you. I want to give it to you. Every day. Every single day I do an audio and a video, and I think we’ve took a wee break now but we’re coming back in a week and there’s over 100 episodes there. I chat to some of the world’s leading entrepreneurs. I chat to some seriously successful people. I’ll go through a deal where we lose £100k and I’ll talk about it. I’ll share it with you because I want you to get the benefit from it. I look for nothing in return. It’s there for you, go and take it.

The website and there’s a little Facebook thing on there where you just click the button, and we’ll just send you the messages to your inbox. You can get away from it any time, that’s it. Does that sound cool? Good. Facebook and Safari fell out so if you try it on Safari, it won’t work. Fuckers. So, take the website down, as well, take a note of that and connect with me, follow me online. Now I’ve got 2 more quick thoughts to share before we move on into the main man, the main event. Who’s ready for Grant Cardone? Get this bald fuck off this stage.

Number 1, life is happening for you, not to you. Adopt this belief guys. Adopt it. Life is happening for you, not to you. Everything that happens to me, good bad, indifferent; it’s not happening to me, it’s happening for my benefit. That is one of the hardest things to live by, by the way. One of the hardest things, and my wife reminds me of this constantly and I fucking hate her for it, because she’ll say, “Remember, it’s happening for you, not to you”. Somebody’s trying to blackmail you, what’s the lesson in this Billy? Fuck. Okay, where is the lesson? Everything’s happening for you and not to you.


The last one. Who’s heard of this statement before? Hand right up so I can see the stoics in the room. Memento mori. So I ride a Harley. I’m a biker, right? And on my Harley, I’ve got a big skull cap on the fuel cap, and on the side I’ve got big skulls. People come up to me at the traffic lights and they go, that’s badass. What they don’t know that it’s old school Latin philosophy. They just see a cool skull, and I’m like no no no, the reason that is there, is just to remind me of this statement. That one day you’re going to die, that death is coming to all of us. Remember you’re not immortal, you are mortal. I like this to be in my face and in fact, I’ve got a chain on right now with that skull on it as well, an hour glass to represent the time, and a tulip to represent life.

Memento mori. Remember you will die, and the reason I keep this in mind is because my one focus in life is to live a life of no regret. You have one fucking shot. One chance at this life. One, and the problem is, most of us going through life, we are spending from the account balance without knowing what’s left in the account. We’re spending time. You wouldn’t spend your money as carelessly as you spend your time. For me, I am very selective about where I put my time, who I put my time with, what I choose to focus on, where I choose to put my energy. I’m very focused on it, because the reality is, I have got one life. Many of the people that come in to that life, I won’t see them again. Best pals from school who I don’t even know any more. What was the fucking point? I should have probably just stuck in and learned something.

One life. One chance at it, and I do not want to get to the end of mine and say, “Oh man, I should have done this”, “I wish I should have”, does that make sense? One life. What are you going to do with it? This is your opportunity guys. Today is a new start for everybody. You’re here, you’ve invested in yourself. We have the absolute utmost respect for you for coming here, I genuinely, sincerely wish you the best of luck with your businesses. Take the lessons you get this weekend, don’t just hear it, listen. Listen to it. Take notes furiously. Cut all distractions from the outside world. Take this opportunity and do not become somebody who shows up at another seminar in 5 years time and says, “Right, I’m ready to get started”, because you will have wasted an opportunity. You’ve got one life. One fucking shot. Let’s get to work. Thank you. Cheers.


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