Business is hard work, and all the motivational quotes on the planet won’t change this. The sooner you realise that, the sooner you have a chance. I was criticised recently by a young lad. He said I was negative, and discouraging for being blunt. The reality, and what he doesn’t realise yet, is that no one is coming to save him.

Business is hard fricken work. Those who tell you otherwise, generally haven’t been there. It’s hard, but it’s also awesome and worthwhile. There’s a whole world of possibility out there, but go in with your eyes wide open, and maybe you’ll last…




Hi folks, how you doing? Billy Farrell here. Okay, I want to share with you a message that I received on Instagram. I’m going to read it to you. The reason I’m going to read this message to you is because it’s this kind of misguided illusion about the reality of business that has me sharing things in such a brutal way, that makes me share things in a very direct and straightforward no bullshit kind of manner.

Let me read this to you and then I want your opinion on it, so stay with me, okay? The message said, “Billy, I respect that you seem to know a lot about business but every single Instagram post I’ve seen from you has been negative – don’t expect anything to change guys, you are the problem… In my opinion, you should promote more positivity instead of playing on insecurities. This is not an attack on you. I just wanted to let you know how it’s coming across. Maybe for the next campaign focus on something more positive because all the ones I’ve seen have been blaming the people you are supposed to be motivating.”

Now, I’m going to read you my reply. “Hi [name], there’s enough bullshit positivity online. My job isn’t to motivate. It’s to give people the cold hard reality of business – and it’s voluntary, by the way – after 14 years in the game. No one is going to save them. They have to develop the mental toughness required to do what it takes. I’m doing no one any favours by stating anything less.”

So, I then got a message back saying he disagrees, and so on, and I’ll not bore you with the rest but you get the idea. This idea that me sharing the reality of business instead of the fluffy positive bullshit is a bad thing. Let’s address this, right? It doesn’t take a lot of work to go online and find motivational quotes. It doesn’t take a lot to go online and find positive upbeat articles about how you can do anything, about how you can take control of your life, about empowerment, and many, many buzzwords around the idea of positivity, empowerment, enlightenment, spirituality and all of those things are great. Genuinely. they’re all great.

The problem is that, let me be really blunt here, negative people peddling that chat at you, have something to sell. It’s not a bad thing. Nothing wrong with buying things. Nothing wrong with taking courses, education. I wouldn’t be sitting here if I hadn’t done the same thing 14 years ago, and if I didn’t still do these things today, but there’s a lot of less than scrupulous characters out there. There’s a lot of people who haven’t walked the walk, who are selling information that they are not living, who are selling information on different business opportunities, the word “opportunities” is the first giveaway that they’re not actually doing, that they’ve not been working.


It frustrates me. Not everyone falls into this category, just so you know, there’s a lot of good people out there, a lot of good trainers out there. We do it with Property Protégé, but the problem is that it doesn’t take a lot to look and find people who are very quickly willing to tell you how easy business is in order to get you to part with your cash, and then you just get the people who are full of fucking hot air who share positivity just because it makes them feel good. And that good, that’s great, you know, but you’ve got to back it up, you’ve got to live your talk. That’s the way I look at it.

So it doesn’t take a lot to find the positive BS out there, right? And the problem I’ve got is that it gives this false idea of what it really takes to succeed in business. Business is hard. You have to be a special kind of crazy to want to be in business and I salute you if you are one of my fellow entrepreneurs who have stuck it out, who have worked hard and have come through thick and thin to make it happen. Because only when you have come through that and you’ve faced life kicking you repeatedly in the nuts, ladies too, only then can you truly appreciate, “Hmm, OK, this is hard work.”

Things happen that you don’t see coming. Challenges come that you don’t see coming. You become too focused on sales because you need the money and suddenly things start to dip on fulfilment. You become too focused on fulfilment and suddenly the sales start to dip. Meanwhile, all the while you’re focusing on this balancing act. You don’t realise that you’re not paying attention to the finances. You’re not looking at the money. You forgot that you’ve got tax to pay, VAT to pay, you’ve got all these different challenges and madness going on and then somebody comes at you legally. Then you’ve got a complaint from a customer online and it causes you a bit of damage to your reputation and then there’s the growing pains, there’s the marketing pains, the finance pains, the legal pains, all of these different things.

And this isn’t me being negative. Again, if the guy who wrote that message to me was watching this, he might be sitting there thinking, “How very negative of you, Billy, why don’t you share some positivity?” Sure, watch this.

Guys, you can do anything. Life is a bed of roses, and you can achieve anything you want. All you need is the willpower, the determination, the discipline and the drive to push forward and you can achieve it. Yep. That’s all good and well, and nothing I said there is wrong. But if I don’t also turn around and tell you that’s going to be hard fucking work but it’s going to take you a lot of work. You’re going to be the one biggest problem and obstacle standing in your way. You need to change you before anything else changes. It happens internally before it happens externally, and you need to find that discipline, that drive, that willpower, otherwise you’re going to fail.

Now, when I say that, I say that from a place of care, from a place of wanting you to realise what it’s actually going to take, and that’s what’s frustrating about this whole conversation, because people don’t get it. Then they try and then they fail and I’ve been down that rabbit hole, and it’s not a nice place to be. I have failed miserably. I had many many, many tough years, and I only sit here today because I learned the hard way in many ways.


This is a large part why I share information on these videos and on this podcast, because I want people to learn from my mistakes. I want people to fast track and short cut the journey, so rather than throwing a bunch of airy fairy positive bullshit at you, it’s only bullshit when it doesn’t come with the “here’s the reality part”, of it as well. Here’s the things that you need to know. You do need to develop mental toughness. You do need to toughen up. You do need to learn the hard truths. You do need to face the facts. You do need to realise that you’re the number one problem you’re going to face in business, and if you don’t realise that, good luck to you.

So, what’s the point of this message? Well, I just think it’s a shame that folk are too caught up in trying to be inspired by the positive without realising what it really takes. When we do our Property Protege events, one of the first things I say to people in the room is look around the room and see the other people. Because if I invited you back here in one year, this guy will have made 拢100k. This guy will have raised a million. This person will have built a serious portfolio. This person will have done a couple of deals and have banked themselves 拢50k. You’ll have done nothing, you’ll have done nothing, you’ll have done nothing, you’ll have done nothing, you and you, you will all have a fantastic list of reasons, excuses, justifications, all perfectly valid, for why you couldn’t make it happen.

Whereas these other people here, they did make it happen. What’s the difference? The difference is attitude, the difference is mindset, the difference is personal responsibility. So, none of the stuff is said by me or other people like me to be negative, it’s said because that is the reality kick in the ass that most people need and that most people don’t get.

Guys, business isn’t easy. It’s hard work. If you realise that, accept that and realise that the one biggest thing standing in the way between you and what you want, the one biggest thing is you. When you start to realise that, then you’ve actually got a chance in making it work, because if other people can do it, if other people have done the things you say you want to do, and they’ve made it happen, and sometimes these people come from worse circumstances than you, if they have made it happen, then why not you? Why not you? Why can you not do the same thing? If it’s possible, if other people have done it, then fantastic, go for it, but first thing you need to do is go to work on this, go to work on you.

Guys, I hope you forgive me that I will not be one of these people who are online telling you how rosy life is without telling you the reality that backs it up as well. And if you like that kind of message then go to, connect with me on the various social platforms, ad say hello. If you like this kind of chat, go to, sign up to the podcast and I’ll speak to you again later.



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