Should we focus on getting leverage? Or should we focus on hustle and grind? The better question to ask, is why not focus on both? For what is the point of getting leverage, if not to FREE you up to CREATE even more with it? People who speak in a language of EITHER-OR, as it relates to what can be accomplished in life and business, simply haven’t figured it out yet. The question isn’t “leverage” or “hustle.” The question isn’t “family” or “work.” The question is “Why not BOTH,” if that’s what makes you happy…



Hi folks, Billy Farrell here. Okay, so a few days ago I shared a video and I have had a lot of positive feedback on that video and some criticism too, and I want to address some of that here. Now, the video was all about how people are taking things down a notch for December. “Oh, Billy, I’ll catch up with you in January, I’m slowing down for December”, or “You guys must be winding down for the holidays”. Not in my world pal. Not in my world.

In my world we’re speeding up. In my world we’re going faster than ever before. In my world we never slow down. We always look for ways to productively move forward. When other folk are taking their foot off the gas, we are speeding up. Now, as you might expect, when we shared this video a few days ago, which was still in the first part of December, there were a few folk coming back and saying that I was unnecessarily aggressive, that I should slow down and focus on the most important priorities in life. Clearly folk who didn’t watch the video, but what I wanted to share in this video was the idea of having it all. Rather than having it be slow and relaxed, or fast and aggressive, rather than being focused on family, or focusing on business, how about having it all, right?


Now, a friend of mine posted a few days ago and he said, “So recently I have been to see Gary Vaynerchuck. II have been to see Grant Cardone”, and a lot of the emphasis was on hustle and grind and hard work and pushing, but how does that fit with getting life leverage? How does that fit with leveraging your life? How does it fit with creating freedom for yourself? Well, the funny thing about that language is that it’s an either/or situation. When I personally, don’t believe it has to be an either/or. I don’t think you have to be aggressive or peaceful. I don’t think you have to be driven or relaxed. I don’t think it has to be family or business, at this time of year or any other. I believe that we should develop the ability to have it all.

Now for those folk who talk about getting leverage and outsourcing and everything else, you’re speaking my language. But the idea of outsourcing and getting leverage for me and for most of successful people I know, the idea of getting leverage is to free me up so I can do more of the things that I enjoy. And what do I enjoy? I enjoy business. I enjoy spending time with my family. I enjoy riding motorbikes. I enjoy having fun in life, and I am always looking to get leverage. I am always looking to outsource. I am always looking for ways to free myself up so that I can be a more focused, driven, productive entrepreneur. So that I can be a better leader to the teams. So that I can be a better dad, a better husband. I don’t speak in a language of or, I speak in a language of both. I speak in a language of having it all, and I don’t understand why other people would think that that wasn’t something that was possible for them. I believe you can be aggressive and peaceful, driven and relaxed, focus on family and business. I believe that you should be working on leveraging your life so that you can have the freedom and the peace of mind to go out and do more, and create more.


In our companies we have the philosophy that you are not keeping your seat warm for yourself. You’re keeping your seat warm for the person who will one day replace you, providing you continue adding value to the companies. The goal for the team members is to constantly find ways of making themselves unnecessary, but wholy necessary, to find ways of replacing themselves, so that they can move up the ladder, so that they can grow. For me, whenever I take on a new task or a new project, or a new goal, the first thing I do is seek to understand the basics, and then find someone else who can do the work. Find someone else who’s better than me. I want to get leverage by finding someone else who can handle that shit, so that I don’t have to, so that I can be free to fly. That’s leverage guys.

You see, we talk in our Property Protege mentorship about finding your core talents, your core responsibilities, your vital few. Those handful of things that you should be focusing on, based on what you believe you should be focusing on, that you’re good at, that are the most productive and profitable to the company, and where you should be spending your time. Those 2 or 3 things should be where you spend most of your time.

You see, for me, I run the marketing for all of our companies. So for me, my goal, my big priority, is to continually see what’s working and what’s not working in marketing, and find ways to push that effort forward. I need to be the absolute best of the best when it comes to marketing, and I need to understand everything, not to the N-th degree, but to the point where I can conduct the orchestra. Then I’ve got people who play the instruments, people who move the different parts, and that’s my other big priority, is managing and supporting and leading the team in doing what they have to do.


Now I’ve got 1 or 2 other things that take up a large part of my focus, but I’m sharing those 2 with you because this is something I learned from Darren Hardy, many years ago. And Darren told me, “Billy, find the things that you should be doing that bring the most benefit to the company, that provide the most leverage, and then realise that until those things are handled, everything else is a distraction. Most folk start their day by trying to handle the little things, so that they then have space to handle the big things. I’m going to suggest that that’s the wrong way of doing it. And that in reality we should be handling the big things first and then fitting the little things in the middle or getting someone else to handle it.

See, to me, I would take the average amount of hours that I work, I would take my financial targets, I would divide my financial targets by the average annual amount of hours that I plan to work. Again, it’s all averages. And then based on that number, I would have an hourly rate. Now, because of the deals we do and things like that, there is no such thing as an hourly rate for someone like me or you, but my benchmark is that if I am not producing, outputting that level of value per hour, then I am not on track. That’s just a wee personal benchmark. So, based on my hourly rate, if I can get someone else to do the things that I don’t want to do, and pay them much less than my hourly rate, then I can put my time into the vital few, into the things that are most important and the things that make me valuable to what we do as a company or as a group of companies. I hope that makes sense.

So I’m always looking for leverage. I have people who clean my house. I never go shopping, the shopping is always brought to me. I’m an Amazon Prime addict. Amazon Prime Now addict. I am always looking for ways to replace myself in everything we do in business. I am continually looking for ways to get leverage. I have people who come and take the clothes out of my wardrobes, and take them away, iron them, press the suits and bring it all back and hang it up and I don’t even know it’s happened. I have gardeners who come in and do the gardens. I have designers who do logos. I have people who build websites. I have people who manage the social media efforts, based on the content that we create. I don’t want to be doing that shit and neither should you.

What are your most important priorities and how can you spend your time focusing there? How can you continually look for ways to get leverage to free you up, to be that hard-hitting entrepreneur?

Going back to the chat about Grant Cardone and Gary Vaynerchuck, the hustle, the grind, you will never find me stopping because I love business. I love the hustle. I love the drive. I love to work. I love to push. I love to grow. This shit fills me up, and I know that a lot of you guys are the same, and if you want to have that, and also have the ability to enjoy a good social life, family life, personal life, et cetera, which I do, then it’s very very possible. Getting leverage and doing the hustle and grind, are not separate things. They are one and the same. You get leverage so that you can push.

You can get relaxed, focused. I spend time every day meditating. I train with heavy weights, and cardio sometimes. Everyday, I spend time, focused time, with my wife. I spend deeply focused time with my 4 daughters every single day. I ride motorbikes. I am taking my pilot’s lessons. I have a good life, a very good life, and I also run multiple companies. I work fucking hard. We make a shit load of money. We serve a shit load of people. We value our clients. We’re constantly sharing online. Do you know what? There’s no excuse not to have it all. It’s fucking bullshit excuses to justify why you aren’t where you want to be. You can have it all, and to do that, you get leverage, so you can focus on the things that matter most to you. To me, family, fun and business.

There you go. Hope that helps. If you enjoyed that, go to, connect with me, hit me up. I’d love to hear from you. Cheers.


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