“2019 will be my best year yet.” Really? If last year was awesome, despite the challenges, then I believe you. If your interpretation of last year was that it sucked, then chances are you’ll end 2019 with the same attitude. Why wait for New Year, or Monday, to make a change? Let’s take a deep dive into how to ensure that 2019 is TRULY your most successful year yet.




Hi folks, Billy Farrell here. How you doing? Okay, so I am releasing this video on the 31st of December 2018, which is officially Hogmanay or the day before New Year’s Day, and I’m releasing this video because of a number of reasons. The first one is because I am seeing the same thing online right now that I see every year at this time, and I’m going to talk about that in a second. In this video, I’m also going to talk about my own process for reviewing the year to this point, my own thoughts on New Year and how to make sure that 2019 is literally your best yet.

So, let’s go back to the start. Here is what I’m seeing online. It’s the same bullshit that I see every year and that you no doubt see as well, and perhaps even say. It’s when you go online and you see people saying things like, “2018 sucked, 2019 will be my best year yet”, or on the more positive, “Lots of lessons learned in 2018, 2019 will be awesome.”

The point is that we all go into the New Year with this sense of optimism, this sense of hope, this sense of purpose, that the next year can be different from the one before. Imagine you treated every week like that by the way, or every day, with that sense of optimism that the day you are about to take is going to be much much better. That you’re going to be a better person than the day before. Imagine that level of mentality day to day.

Now back to the point. Lots and lots of people have this hope and optimism towards the future, towards something to come, but this idea of how the last year didn’t work out the way they’d hoped, and it’s like the old resolutions thing. I always get quite frustrated when I hear folk at New Year, family, friends, telling me, “Oh, what’s your resolutions? My resolution is that I’m going to stop smoking. My resolution is that I’m going to stop drinking as much. My resolution is I’m going to get fit”, and you know that it’s all bullshit. You know that for the most part the guy who’s stopping smoking is going to vape for 2 days, get fed up with it, get stressed out and start smoking again. Other folk are going to start with the gym. They’re going to go all in at the start and then they’re going to burn out within a week and then it’s game over.


So many folk go into the New Year with all of these grand ideas, but most folk barely make it past day 1 without throwing in the towel, making excuses or deciding to start on the 2nd of January because, “Hey, I was at that Hogmanay party. I’m hungover. It’s been a long night. It’s new year. I’m going to go to a meal with family, and I’m going to relax and chill out and enjoy life and then I’ll start on the 2nd”, but again it’s all bullshit. It’s all of that, “I’ll start on Monday” syndrome. It’s the idea that Monday is going to be a better day, that I’ll start after the weekend, that I’ll start out in New Year or I’ll start at my birthday, or whatever it is, right? And it’s bullshit. It’s all bullshit. It’s all excuses, procrastination, playing things down, putting things off, always imagining that tomorrow is going to be a better day.

I shared a quote online recently. I was just trying to see it there. The quote said, “Tomorrow (noun) – a magical mystical place where all motivation and success happens”, right? Which I thought was quite funny, and it really is the reality for many folk.

So here’s the thing about New Year. I actually really do like New Year, and I do like some symbolic occasions. Symbolic as in birthdays, New Year, turning 30, that’s what’s going to happen now, turning 35, fuck, halfway to 40, in the 10 bracket. I like New Year. I like Mondays. I like every day, because I see every day as an opportunity to start fresh. And I like it when something like New Year comes along, because it’s a chance to reflect on the year previous and to look forward to what’s happening next. But that shouldn’t just happen annually. That should be a weekly or daily occurrence. It should be something that we look at the week that’s just past and say “How did I do this week? Here are my goals for the year. This is how they’re broken back. What did I do today and am I on track to achieve those goals?”


Now I’m getting a little hit ahead of myself here, because I want to share with you my process for looking at it. But one of the first things that’s good to do coming up to the New Year, since that’s where we are, is to take a look back at the year that’s just happened, and to ask yourself what are the 10, minimum 10, greatest things that have happened this year? What are the 10 things, and you can do more if you want, what are the 10 things that happened this year that have been my biggest wins? What are 10 things that I’ve been grateful for this past year? What are 3 ways that I’ve experienced luck this past year? Which have been the 3 biggest influences on my life this past year? What have been the biggest challenges that I’ve overcome this past year? What have been the biggest insights and lessons learned personally this last year? What have been the biggest insights and lessons learned professionally in this last year? If I was to go into the next year with the same lever of drive, motivation and action that I addressed 2018 with, would I be sitting at the end of 2019 looking back at a shit year, posting the same shit on Facebook and hoping that 2020 will be better? These are the questions you want to ask yourself and this is what I’ve been doing recently.

I’ve been addressing the last year as a whole, and looking at the wins that I’ve had, the successes that I’ve had, and some of them have been absolutely phenomenal. For me, we recently put on the 10X campaign with Grant Cardone. We brought Grant to the UK. We invested in Grant, in his time for 10 days. We put on all the hotels. We put on every moving part of that tour. It was a monster tour. It was massive. We had the Intercontinental at the O2 in London where we put 1,700 bums on seats, and we had the SEC in Glasgow which we’ve filled the room there, and the funny things is, we had 7 and a half weeks to pull this off. 7 and a half weeks to pull off the impossible, and that 7 and a half weeks started by us flying out to Miami to meet Grant, to film in his studio, and then to come back and get to work.

So, we’re big Grant Cardone fans, and Paul and I have followed Grant for many years. So, one of our students came to us and said, “Look, I’m one of the Grant Cardone licensees, I would love to do something with you guys”, then we thought hey, good, let’s go for it. So, we partnered up and we brought the tour to the UK.

This year we have started several more companies, one of those companies alone, one of those companies which started in April, the start of April this year, has gone on and turned over £1 million in its first year of trading. This one company. £1.5 million plus, that’s all I’ll say, in its first year of trading this year. We’ve won a couple of click funnels 2-comma awards. Family wise, travelled. We released “Your Property Jumpstart” which became an Amazon best-seller in 3 categories overnight. Me and my 4 daughters and my wife have been away 4 times this year. It’s been an awesome year in so many ways.

So, I reviewed all the wins that I’ve had in the last year. I also reviewed all of the failings, the losses, the lessons learned, and I looked at these things to learn what is it that I can do differently, going out to the next year, what decisions would I have made differently with hindsight going out to the next year? So I’m not just looking for the positives or plusses, I’m looking for the ups, the downs, the left-right-centres, everything. I want to know every single part of what went right and what went wrong, so that I can do it differently going into the next year, and I would suggest you do the same.


So, with the benefit of hindsight, with the lessons learned, with acknowledging your wins, with viewing the gratitude, the things you’re grateful for the the last year, let’s move on to the next part. The next part is what do you want to achieve in the year ahead? 2019. And the number one bit of advice I’ve got for you right now is don’t limit yourself. Don’t limit yourself. You know, my children at Christmas Eve, they sat there and they went, I want this, I want that, I would love this, I want 2 swimming pools, one for me, one for you, and life hasn’t fucked them up yet to believe that they can’t have what they want, and I love that about them. Obviously we need to balance a certain level of practicality, in terms of work = results, but at the same time, I’m not going to spoil their imagination.

As adults we don’t do it like that, do we? As adults, we go into our goals and if we fail the first time, and then if we try a second time, we generally don’t tell as many people. We’re a bit more quiet about it, or we’re a bit more reserved. Or, tell me if you’ve done this. We take the goal that we’re going for and we scale back to a bit more of a realistic practical level. Have you done that before? Have you limited your own goals because you didn’t quite achieve it the time before? See, the reality is, that if other people have achieved the thing that you want to achieve, then it’s possible, and why not you?

See, many folk go into their goals completely underestimating the level of action, thought, strategy, back up plans, et cetera. They go in completely underestimating the amount of what’s going to be required for it to happen, and then when things don’t quite work, there are so many things that can set us back and knock us back as well. The reality is, if you want something, then fucking hunt it. Get it down, figure out what you want and then go after it. And assume that it’s going to take 5 to 10 times the level of action, planning, strategy, and then literally go to war.

I love the expression “Go to war”, because it perfectly sums up the business landscape. It perfectly sums up exactly how you must think, if you have any chance of making a success of business. Most businesses fail. I think it’s 80% of businesses fail within the first year. And in the 2nd year, 50% of the businesses that are left also fail. But I’m going to say something here. It’s not the businesses that failed, it’s you that failed. It’s you that failed, because if other people have done it, then why not you? Why can you not make it work? Have you not got the right advice, you’re not doing the right work, you’ve had a couple of setbacks? Oh fucking poor you, that’s life. That’s business. Suck it up. That’s how it works, deal with it.


Sometimes it comes down to the level of due diligence that was done or not done before going into the business or into the deal. Sometimes it comes down to knowing when a market is a market. “But Billy, I sell candles and I thought I was going to become a millionaire selling candles.” You get what I’m saying? So whatever you want in 2019, you need to get clear on that. You need to know what that is and you need to have a process for how you’re going to go about it, and you need to assume that’s it’s going to take more effort than you think.

You know, going into the next year for me, I have professional goals, I have personal goals, and most folk looking in would think they were ridiculous. And I mean in terms of, “Billy, why can’t you just be happy with what you’ve got?” I hear this stuff by the way. 14 years in the game and I still hear this shit, “Why can’t you be happy with what you’ve got? When are you going to be content? You’re never going to be fulfilled or happy if you’re always chasing the next goal. Why do you have to be so intense all the time? Why can you never do things in half measures? Dip your toe in the water to see how you like it.” It’s not my style. It’s not how I roll, and I don’t think you’d be listening to a podcast called “Hardcore Entrepreneurship Podcast”, if that’s how you rolled. I hope that makes sense.

So, going into the new year, I’ve got personal goals, professional goals, I have got some fucking proper insanity lined up for myself in the next 12 months, and in the past, I might have looked in the next 12 months and thought, how can I measure this, balance this, how can I say, so goal number 1, if I’m to achieve this goal in 12 months, what has to happen each month for that to happen? Great, and based on that, what has to happen in month 1? Good, now what has to happen each week of month 1 to hit that month 1 goal to stay on track?


I might have taken that approach and with some goals that might be the right approach. There will be goals of our company, companies, that we’ll take that approach but for many of the things that I’ve got on the go, it’s really going to be a case of, here’s what’s happening? The deadline, the goal is now, it’s yesterday. Let’s get to fucking work. Let’s make this shit happen. Why wait? Why procrastinate? Why stop? Speed of implementation.

One of the things that I can tell you about some of the most successful people that I know is speed of implementation. They don’t wait. They don’t put off or procrastinate. They know what the goal is and then they go to war to make it happen. Go to war to make it happen. They’ll push harder and further than many other people will. I’ve just been listening to David Goggins book, “Can’t hurt me.” Wow. What a guy. He talks about being uncommon among uncommon people, and that’s a great philosophy that you should probably think about adapting.

I’ll give you an example. Right now it’s 1 minute past midnight, so it’s no longer Boxing day. It’s the day after when I’m filming this. It was the most brutal Christmas ever. Sickness bug hit the house, 4 daughters, myself, my wife, it was carnage. Christmas day was cancelled. I had 24 people coming for dinner, cancelled the lot. We basically spent the last 2 days up and down, sickness, horrible horrible horrible, and it’s been tough. It’s still beating the shit out of me right now, but even still, my family are in bed, it’s 1 minute, 2 minutes past midnight right now, what am I going to do? Sit here and feel sorry for myself? Watch Netflix because it’s been a hard day and I’m tired and I should relax? No. I’ve made a commitment to myself to do these podcasts to give back. I’ve made that commitment and I’m not going to break that commitment. Because I want to be uncommon among uncommon people.


I want to commit where otherwise I may in the past have been weak and put it off but I made that commitment so I’m going to see it through. And when I’m done this episode, I’m going to go a second, another one, and then after that I’ve got a whole briefing to write up for a couple of my team members who are going to be working tomorrow, well, in fact, the whole company is back tomorrow, but I’m taking tomorrow to go away with the family for a day, so I need to get all this done tonight and it doesn’t matter when I get to bed, I’ll still be getting up at the time that I committed to getting up because here’s the last thing I’m going to leave you with. If you really have to wait until New Year, are you really committed?

See, the chances are, if you’re on the ball, you’ll be listening to this on the 31st of January, and if you’re listening to this on the 31st of January, then why wait? You’ve got goals you want to start from New Year, why wait until New Year? Be uncommon among uncommon people. How about right now? Start. So, if your goal is to go and do 100 press-ups a day or go and start jogging or running or eating healthy, why wait until tomorrow? Why not start today? Why not start today?

We need to let go of this wait until Monday bullshit, wait until new year bullshit. Start today. Challenge yourself. Let’s do things differently. I’ve got a little challenge for you before we go here. That challenge is to make sure that whenever you feel like you should do something, you make it a must. When you should do something, you make it a must. There is no bullshitting around it. You know it’s good for you, you know you should do it, so you make it a must. It’s very uncomfortable to do, but you know what? It will change your life.

So, I hope this message finds you well. Happy New Year and all that. That’s the baby monitor going, real life guys, real life, so I’m going to go. Happy New Year, all the best when it comes. Really, let’s make this year a fucking killer. Let’s smash it. Let’s kick the shit out of it. Let’s knock it out the park. There are many opportunities ahead and I would love nothing more for every person watching this to turn around at the end of the 2019 and say, do you know what? Some shit happened this year but I learned from it. Life is happening for me, and not to me. That was a good year. I learned so many things. I went for my goals. I went for bigger goals than I even thought possible, and I put in the work to make them happen because if other people can do it, why not me?

Listen, if you found this useful, go to followbilly.com, connect with me, subscribe to the podcast. If you found this video valuable, hey, share it on with other people who need to hear it. On that note, have a good one, I’ll catch you later.



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