Is it better to be visible, or valuable? Most folk tell you to post more, share more, do more, but if all you do is talk shite, then all you’re doing is highlighting the shite you talk.

On the flip side, some folk have incredible value to share but they keep it low key, for a variety of reasons. Here’s the deal, there’s a perfect balance that you can strike between the two. I want to share it with you, in a way that helps you generate more business and gain more exposure, whilst delivering with serious impact. Let’s explore…



Hello folks. How are you doing? Billy Farrell here. So, is it better to be visible or valuable? You see, this is a big thing online, because we hear that we should be more visible, that we should turn up the volume, that in a social world we should be more social, we should be putting out more videos, more content, more data. If you listen to Gary Vaynerchuk, he will tell you to become the Wall Street journal, to become the New York Times, to become Fortune or Success Magazine. If you aren’t putting out that kind of content, then no one is seeing you. It’s almost likened to throwing a stone into the Grand Canyon and hoping it makes an impact. Most folk aren’t putting enough content out, but when you put out more content, is it valuable? Is what you’re sharing valuable? Is what you’re sharing painting a good picture around you, putting you in a good light, supporting and helping the people that you’re here to support and help? Is it representing you? Well, is it valuable, is it supportive and educational, inspiring, entertaining, humorous to the people that you’re attempting to serve? This is the kind of thing we need to ask ourselves, is it more important to be visible, or valuable?

Now, let’s explore this idea. To be visible without providing as much value, in other words, turning up on podcast, turning up on Instagram stories, Instagram TV, Facebook Lives and talking a lot of shite. Sure, it gets you known. Sure, people know who you are Sure, people can start talking about you, but if you talk a lot of shite all the time, it’s like having a friend who talks a lot of shite. You don’t want to listen to them, right? You don’t want to spend time in their company because you think, “This person talks a lot of shite”. So, why on earth would people continue to follow you if you talk a lot of shite? Think about that. I hope you’re getting the point here. But, by going online and talking a lot of shite, sure there are going to be people out there who relate to your shite, who like the way you talk, who like the things you talk about, who might fin you funny, amusing, entertaining, inspiring, whatever. It takes all sorts, right, and there’s someone for everyone, and so those people will start to follow you. So with that in mind, sure, you can start to build a following. Sure you can start to be seen, you can start to be heard, you can start to be noticed, people will follow you, right? But then let’s say, we’ve got the other side of the coin, where you are incredibly valuable, you are an industry expert and you aren’t heard very much and no one really knows who you are, other than a very small select pocket of people, who find what you do incredibly valuable. Is it better to be on the visible side where everyone can see you, where we’re commanding attention, or is it better to be on the value side, where you are teaching a smaller amount of people, you are sharing wisdom, sharing advice, giving knowledge, et cetera?

Here’s my take on that as well, and then I’ll tell you where I would suggest you go with all of this. On the value side, I would say that’s the stronger side, I’ll tell you why in a minute. If you’re valuable and you’re in a marketplace where you’re there to serve, and a lot of people don’t get this, by the way, so let me just explain this. Let me stop and explain for a second. Why would you want to be on social media if you sell curtains, if you sell services, if you teach people how to do things, if you sell products? Listen, it doesn’t matter. The world is a social environment these days, you’re a social animal. We have to be online, because if we’re not online, guess what, your competitors are. Other folk in the market are. People need to get to know who you are. We call it the lighthouse effect.


So, you’ve got the tugboat and the lighthouse. The tugboat puts a lot of effort in, a lot of work in, it gets down and dirty. The lighthouse does the same job but it shines it’s light and all the ships see it. So I would rather be the lighthouse where I shine my light, and the right people are attracted back, the right people see it, and to do that, we share value. In all of our companies, we share value, we put out good quality content on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube. We put great content out. We put a lot of general content out, which is entertaining, inspiring, educational, and a lot of people are attracted back, but then we also put out educational content which is industry specific to the people we’re aiming to serve, and those people start to see us as switched on, on the ball, knowledgeable and we’re giving value. We’re giving great advice. We’re giving knowledge. We’re dropping bombs, just like I’m doing in this podcast. Hopefully you find it valuable. When we’re putting that kind of content out there, the right people are listening and going, “Oh, I like that Billy Farrell guy, who is he? Well he talks about all sorts of things from his vasectomy and how it relates to overcoming fear to social media strategies”, which we’re doing right now, “and I quite like what this guy is saying, I’m going to go and follow him, I’m going to go to and connect with him. I’m going to hit him up. I’m going to start listening to the podcast”, and then they will come into the funnel. They’ll come into my world and hey, maybe one day we’ll do business together, and that’s cool. but that only happens through giving value.

You see, a lot of the people who talk a lot of shite online, it’s like they’ve just swallowed and thrown back up a fucking personal development dictionary. Where they go online and talk about all the, I can’t even get into it, right, but all the fucking bullshit, big words, fancy terminology, that sounds like they just had a date with Tony Robbins and picked up every possible one-liner you can think of and just threw it up on the Instagram stories. That’s not the guy I want to be. That’s not who I want to be. That’s fucking noise. I want to be valuable to the people that I want to serve. I would rather have a smaller audience and give value, than a larger audience and talk shite. You know, we do this very well on LinkedIn, on the property front through Paul McFadden’s profile. We share a lot about property. We also share a lot of general content, and through that lighthouse effect, a lot of people see that value and then they come back to Paul’s profile for a look and then they’ll go and buy Paul’s book “Your Property Jumpstart.” They’ll go and watch some videos. They’ll go and listen to some of our content. They’ll learn some things, and when they do that, that’s when the door opens for that conversation to start and potentially open that relationship. The sales process starts essentially. Whereas if Paul just talked shite online, and he had double the following, then, who would listen? But because we talk sense, people listen. So, is it better to be visible or valuable? Is it better to be seen and be heard to to actually deliver?

I think you know the answer to this. I would hope you know the answer to this. The answer is both., because here’s a little secret. When your value increases, providing you’re putting it out there, and providing it is valuable, your visibility increases as a by product. When your value increases, so does your visibility. So it’s not that you have to be seen by everyone and that’s your goal when you talk a lot of shite to get there, and it’s not that you have to have a small audience and just focus on the value with a small group of people and not really sharing to the world, letting the fear hold you back. The reality is, you need to be more valuable, you need to be creating more value and more content, and you need to be putting that out to a large number of people, and if it is valuable, if it is entertaining, inspiring, educational, intriguing, emotional, it will connect with people and your visibility will increase as a result. Hope that makes sense.

I’ll give you one last example here. I am recording this video on my iPhone with a wee microphone, right. It’s going to be about 10 minutes long. That video will be taken by my team, turned into a podcast and distributed across about 30 podcast platforms. It will be taken as a video and it will be shared on Facebook Live, Youtube, Instagram stories, Instagram TV, not instagram stories, Instagram TV, LinkedIn, Twitter, it will be shared everywhere. They’ll take the content in this 10 minutes, they’ll transcribe it and turn it into an article. They’ll take the content, pull out the best one liners, turn them into quotes and share them online. You get what I’m saying here? They will take the best quotes and turn them into quote images. There’s going to be so much happening off the back of this 10 minutes of my life because I am smart about how I put it out, and I hope to be sharing value so that other people can get something from it. Why not you? Why not do the same? If you’ve got something share, share it. If you’ve got value to give, give it, and the more value you give, the more visible you become. And focus on visibility as well as focusing on the value. Guys, if you enjoyed this, go to, listen to other episodes, connect with me at and I’ll catch you next time.


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