Most business owners are on the wrong side of social media. Most professionals and Entrepreneurs are doing it wrong. Forget how big or engaged your audience is. It’s not about that. It’s about which side of the social world you land on…




Hi folks, how you doing? Billy Farrell here. Okay, I want to talk about something rather controversial and that is the correct use of social media. Now, I don’t just mean the correct use of social media to expand your brand and reach a new audience and connect with people, but I’m going to start by talking about how fucking horrible social media can be and how most folk are on the exact opposite side of what they should be as business owners when it comes to social media.

Now, let me go back a little bit. My daughter is 6 years old. I’ve got 4 girls, the oldest is 6 years old. And she has been asking Santa for a Youtube channel for Christmas. Now, just so you know, there’s not a fucking chance that’s happening. But as my wife and I were talking about this tonight, I went on Netflix and there’s documentary “The American Meme” or something like that and it’s all about how social media is for the most part bullshit. If you take a quick scroll through instagram, for example, it’s sensational. It is full of sensationalism, voyeurism, the perfect ass, the perfect chest, I’ll say the perfect ripped abs on the guys. Everything is beautiful, people are beautiful, their lives are perfect and everything else.


I think this is why a lot of my messages connect with a certain group of people because when I speak on social media, it’s real. There’s no bullshit. There’s no airs or graces, it’s real. The reason I point that out is because when you look at the lives of the people that we see on social media, and you see the folk walking about with a perfect ass, the perfects tits, perfect abs, the perfect lives, there’s a lot more behind that that you don’t see and that is the darkness. That is the loneliness. That is the need for attention. I’m not speaking for everyone here, but a lot of the people who’ve got the nice cars and things like that, the cars are leased, the tits are fake, the money is not real, it’s bullshit. There’s so many people famous just for being famous. Fuck that. There’s nothing worse in my mind when someone wins the X-factor and then 5 minutes later they’ve got a book out about their life story. You’re fucking 19 years old. You’ve got a book about your life story because you were in the X factor. How about go and live a fucking life first and then write a book about that life so that I can read it and enjoy your story? Jesus. Unbelievable.

So anyway, social media. A lot of it is bullshit, and again, this is why I try to be as real as possible with you guys because I don’t think it’s right to be under the illusion that for example, if you read a bunch of business quotes that you’re going to be successful, that if you get inspired because someone said something that lit you up, that suddenly you think that that’s the key to business. Most folk have no fucking idea how difficult business is until they get into business.

When I started business, if I started here financially, when I started in business, I went here, and then here, and then here financially, as a direct result of my choice to go into business with no idea what I was doing. That was 13 and a half, 14 years ago that happened. So it ain’t easy. But if you listen to the wrong people, if you take the wrong advice, if you get caught up in the sensational bullshit that’s online, you can be very easily led down that rabbit hole.

Not only am I real but let’s put it this way, this tripod doesn’t exist, my phone is balanced on a highchair, on a white IKEA baby highchair. Why IKEA? Because they’re durable and babies like to break shit. That’s where the phone is. I might be sitting here looking smart and all that shit, but one of my children threw up like right there earlier on. I am wearing Adidas joggies, mismatched socks and I couldn’t care less, because I want you guys to know that this is real. This is real. Not bullshit talk. This is more than just a rant that I’m having here. I hope you’re actually still with me but I want you to know that this is more than a rant, because there is massive benefit to using social media as a consumer when it comes to business, I’m going to come to that last.


There’s 2 sides of the coin on social and business. There’s the consumer and then there’s the producer. unfortunately most folk fall into the consumer category, where they fuck about on Instagram. They watch inspirational videos on YouTube They try and get that lift. They try and soak up as much free information as they can to go out and use, or they just waste time, procrastinate, mess about on social media, and they consume content.

The opposite from being the consumer is the producer. The person who produces the content. Someone said to me a couple of days ago, “Billy, you are everywhere online. You’re on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Insta Stories”. My barber said to me today. Barber. Yes. This got shaved. This beautiful work of art of a beard gets tailored. My barber said to me “I can’t bloody get rid of you, you’re everywhere and I don’t want to offend you by unfollowing you.” I said, “Unfollow me, it’s all good”. He didn’t say that, he’s a good guy. But he probably thinks that. Anyway, Jeff, if you’re watching this, I love you.

So, anyway, he said, “You’re everywhere”, and the reality is I am everywhere, and I do that on purpose. I’m omnipresent. I’m at all places at all times but to do that, I record a 10-minute, 12-minute video, like I’m doing right now. That video is then transcribed for a post for an article on multiple article sites, that video is then distributed on Youtube, scheduled in advance, it’s distributed on Facebook via OneStream, it’s put on LinkedIn, it’s put on different video platforms, it’s spread across 23 different audio podcast platforms as well. We’ve got the full SEO heavy weight post on the site, so we’re optimising the shit out of that, so that the website carries more weight and people find it when they’re searching for that kind of content. It will appear in Instagram, as IGTV, quote sections will be pulled out of this video, 60 seconds worth of value and turned into shorted videos. The team will go through all of the content and pull out the best one liners and share them as quotes. I mean there’s so many things that’s going to happen as a results of this 10-12 minute video.

People say, “You’re always on social media”. I am never on social media. Very rarely. If you think you see me a lot on social media, I ain’t there. I go on several times a day when it suits me. There’s the world, and then there’s my world. My world needs to be about life and family and having a good time, and I go on several times a day and I engage with the people who are good enough to watch my content, because I love you guys. You’re my kind of people if you speak my language. I don’t mean Scottish, I mean no bullshit. Great, straight up, happy days. And I’ll engage with those people, every day. I’ll go on a few times a day and I’ll share. I’ll talk. I’ll do some story clips but other than that, I’m not there. Because I’m the producer and not the consumer.

I follow very few people. My Facebook friends, personal Facebook friends, I’ve used an unfollow tool to unfollow every human being on Facebook and then I went back in and only followed people who were relevant to my life, the direction of my life, who made me feel alive, not someone I met in a school playground at 12 years old, who just bumped into me in Tesco and decided to add me as a friend, great, I don’t care, whatever. Your kids are getting christened, good for you, it’s none of my business. Go and enjoy yourself.

For me, I’ve unfollowed everyone and I only follow people who are relevant to my life and that’s not being nasty to anyone, it’s just that there’s so much of this world to consume, I want to consume what’s relevant to me in the direction of my life and business, and I would suggest you do the same. Instagram, I follow very few people. Why? Because it’s a source of inspiration for me. I want to go into social media and be lit up. I want to be inspired. II want to see people who are going somewhere and I want to follow them. I want to see people who I want to connect with because they’re awesome, and I want to watch these folk’s stories. I want to check these folk’s posts.

Obviously I’ve got some of my family in there too which is cool, but my dad actually said to me, “Did you see the picture I posted of the deer, the stags?”, I said no. He said, “Billy, everybody seen that picture”, and my brother said, “He unfollowed you, dad”. Oops, he wasn’t happy about that. My mum was laughing, “I unfollowed you as well because I don’t care about you liking your work colleague’s pictures of their family party and all that shit. It’s not interesting to me.” What’s interesting to me is thing that make me want to drive faster and move faster in life and push forward and motorbikes and big living and luxury living and house porn. House porn. And all this sort of stuff, I mean I like that kind of thing. It lights me up.

So, we’re all consuming to some extent, but what are you consuming? Are you consuming bullshit and everybody else’s stories? Are you involved in the emotional game of tennis, which is Facebook for example, where you’re being smacked back and forward. One minute you feel good, shit, good, shit, good, shit, you get it. Become the producer of content rather than the consumer. But what you do consume, make sure that you’re consuming things that actually lift you up and drive you forward. Otherwise you’re just fucking about and wasting time. I hope that makes sense.

Listen, if this video connects with you, if you like the message in it, share it. Share it wherever you’re watching it. If you like more like this real chat, no bullshit, go to, connect with me, and go to and you’ll catch the full backlog of content. So hope you enjoyed that guys, drop me a wee note wherever you’re watching this and I’ll catch you next time.



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