If someone is just getting started, should they be sharing content online? Very interesting question. You may be the person just getting started. Or you may be the person with experience and an opinion. Let’s discuss…



Hello folks, how you doing? Billy Farrell here. So yesterday I shared some content around the idea of people who get frustrated when they see folk who have less experience sharing content online.

Today, I’m going to flip that on its head and ask and answer the question, should you share content online if you are new? Should you be sharing content online and trying to build a personal brand if you are new to the game, just getting started or don’t you have experience or the track record?

So yesterday we went through this in detail, and the general idea is that there are a number of folk, I was one of those folk, who would look at people online, who are sharing content in your market, and you would look at those folk and you’d think, what the fuck are you talking about? That’s basic, that’s amateur, why are you sharing that? And I would get annoyed and think that folk were out to mislead people. I was getting annoyed that these people were clearly making money through sharing content, and I’m thinking, I know more than you, why are you sharing this? And I know that a number of other folk feel the same way too.


So we summed up yesterday by talking about how rather than being annoyed about it, if you see other people sharing content, online in your market, and you’ve been around the block for a long time then you owe it to your potential customers to step up, to share your own content, to be seen. I never wanted to be seen as “one of those guys” online, because there’s a snap judgement that people make when they see you. But very quickly people start to realise the bullshitters from the real deal, the people who talk a good game, and the people who’ve played the game. So, the ultimate conclusion was, rather than getting annoyed about it, go and share content, go and get out there and be seen, tap into some of that market, share, make money by giving value first, and then become that lighthouse, that attracts people back.

So today, let’s flip that on its head and let’s ask and answer the question, what should you do if you’re just getting started? Should you be building a personal brand? Should you be sharing content online? Should you be vocal in the market if you’re just getting started? It’s a tricky one. So let’s address this and let’s go through a few hoops here.

So I have now been in business for 14 years and 13 days, or 14 years and 14 days, as it stands. It’s been a long time, the first 4-5 years of that were very very difficult. I jumped from thing to thing. I failed miserably. I went bankrupt. I then started making money and lost the lot, had the house taken off me, a car taking off me. I’ve been through it guys, I’ve been through it and it ain’t been pleasant. And I don’t know why I even continued going. Partly, I guess, because I was too stubborn to let the good opinion of the people who criticised me and told me to get a job, I never wanted them to win. And I knew that if something was possible, it could be within my reach. If other people had done it, then why not me?

So I stuck in with the game, but over that time I have learned a lot. I’ve learned a lot about the different industries that I’ve been involved in. I have become, let’s just be straight, a world-class marketer. I run the marketing for all of our companies. We filled the 10X UK Tour last year with thousands of people, with a 7 and a half week lead time, from signing the contracts to putting on the event. We filled those events in several cities, and I am pretty damn good at what I do. And for a long time I would hold back on releasing content because I never wanted to be seen as that guy or one of those guys and I overcame that and I started putting content out.

Some folk ask me why my social following isn’t bigger than it is, and this is actually quite a funny thing that you want to be looking at, because only a few months ago, I actually started an Instagram account. About two and a half months ago, I started posting frequently on Instagram, and when we did the 10X Tour, and I’m on stage, and it’s obvious that I know what I’m talking about. Someone walked up and said, why do you have 1500 followers on Instagram? Why don’t you have more people? And it’s because I was more concerned with building a business than building myself and a brand. I never saw the two as being interlinked, intertwined before.

Folk would say to me, why is it that, I mean, LinkedIn, sure, you’ve got 10s of thousands of followers on LinkedIn. That’s one platform, but your Facebook is quieter, your Instagram is quiet, you’ve only just started a Youtube channel, why don’t you have more folk following you? And the reality is, because I was more concerned with building a business, building companies, making money, doing the work, before going out there and talking about it.


A lot of folk make the mistake of going out there and talking a good game before they actually do the work. They think that the key to success is to go out and post motivational quotes, and bullshit their way to creating the perception of a good life, and there’s more to it than that. There has to be substance behind the noise. So the funny thing is, if all you do online is talk shit, then people are going to very quickly realise that you are semi-famous for being someone who talks shit. So there has to be substance, there has to be value behind the share.

So I wanted to wait until I had done something significant before I actually started talking about it. It wasn’t a conscious thought It just sat there in the back of my mind, and a couple of years ago we started being very vocal on LinkedIn, and then in recent times we’ve started getting vocal on other platforms. The podcast has been out for over a year. We’ve got 25,000 plus people listening to that, but I’ve only just became social, really in the last while. And again, it’s because I wanted to build things up first.

However, I wish I had started sooner. I wish I had started much much sooner. I wish that 8,9, 10 years ago, when I really started getting going and finding my feet in property and business, I wish that I had started then, to build up the connections, to build up the following, to share value online, to share content online, to share the journey online and I’ll tell you if you’re just getting started, and you’re wondering whether or not you should do this, I’m going to tell you what you should be sharing in a minute. But I wish that I’d done that back then, that I got content out because I see people now who, there’s one guy who a couple of years ago I had a chat with him. Myself, Paul McFadden and this guy had a chat, and we said to this guy, you should be sharing content on Snapchat, because we were toying with Snapchat at the time, and he said, “Why would I want to do that?”, and I said because you can share stories, you can share your life, and he’s like, “But does that have to do with business?”, and I thought fair enough. That guy then went out and started using Snapchat. He then moved over to Instagram, realised the power of Instagram, and now he has just under 1,000,000 followers, and all he has done is share the kind of things that I’m going to suggest that you share here today. Pretty powerful stuff.

If I had done that 8,9,10 years ago, I am frightened to think where we could be today. Frightened. Whereas now that we’re jumping into the game, we’re pushing hard. And I made the mistake of thinking recently that now that I’m choosing to become more social, and be out there more on the platforms that I’ve left to chance, I thought hey, it’s fine, I’ll go and put the message out to 10s of thousands of followers on LinkedIn, and those people on LinkedIn will then come over and follow me on Instagram, or Facebook but what I then realised is that people become comfortable on the platform that they tend to hang about in the most of the time.

So Facebook users tend to stick to Facebook, Insta users stick to Insta, LinkedIn users tend to stick to Linkedin. People who play about on Youtube, tend to use Youtube as their search tool rather than Google. I mean, people tend to find where they’re comfortable and stick to one, possibly two platforms at any one time, but certainly one primary platform.

So I made a mistake by thinking that I could just pull people from here to there, and move them over there. 25,000 plus subscribers on the podcast, hey, sure, I can just put out an audio, this is going out on the podcast right now, I could just put some content out and that content would go on my podcast and say hey, everybody, go to followbilly.com, find a platform that suits you, follow me, and then I’d wait for this big influx of followers that would never come. You know, it would be split across platforms. So I wish that I had started this sooner.

So should you be sharing online when you’re just getting started? Well, let me tell you what, absolutely, the answer is yes. The answer is definitely absolutely yes, right. What should you be sharing? How should you be sharing it? And why is it a positive thing for your business growth, foreby the obvious? Because if you choose to share online, it forces you, let me just make the presupposition that you’re not an arse. You’re not some shithead who’s just doing it to con people, or just to extract people’s money, or you’re not bullshitting and selling the dream and then taking the cash. Let me just presuppose that that’s not you, and if it is, fuck off, please, thank you.

Let’s presuppose you’re a good person. So, with that being the case, when you are sharing content, like I am doing right now, in a podcast, a video, whatever. It forces you to get a better understanding of what you actually believe. It forces you to become stronger in the message that you’re sharing. It forces you to fully dissect and learn the things that you’re talking about, because if you’re out
there sharing content, then I would like to think that you’re smart enough to actually know what you’re talking about first. And whenever you’re talking about your content that you’re just starting to become fluid or fluent in, I would hope that you’d be away doing some research and sharing first.


When I interview someone on these podcasts, I’m away digging in, reading their books, watching their stories, finding out everything possible first, before I interview them. Even though I know who the person is. When I am sharing content on a subject, any subject, on this show, I always go and do a couple of quick searches first to make sure that I am 100% accurate if I’m sharing statistics, that nothing changed since the last time I looked into this. Sharing content publicly forces me to say ahead of the game. It forces me to be in front. It forces me to learn, to grow, to develop, and to apply the things that we talk about in our companies and in our personal life, which forces me to level up and grow all the time. So, the standard is always increasing in my life and in my business and in everything we do, and if you take that same approach, if you’re going to share online, of ensuring that what you talk about actually makes sense, then you won’t fall into the category of someone who is just making noise online.

There’s the old question – do you want to be visible, or valuable? If you are working purely to be visible, you talk a lot of shite, then you’re going to be very well known as someone who talks a lot of shite. People will very quickly start to see through your veil of bullshit. Whereas if your focus is to be valuable to people, then guess what? If you’re talking sense, then people will start to listen, and your visibility will increase naturally as a byproduct.

So be valuable and at the same time, take that value, and spread it across the board, share it everywhere. We need to remember that when you’re sharing content online, because people like to live in the platform that they’re most comfortable in, be it Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Linkedin, Twitter, whatever. They will tend to focus on the native content to that platform. So I’ve said this before.

This video that I’m recording right now, I’m doing it in my home office, it’s currently sitting at about 13 minutes, or something like that. I will record this video, this video will then be sent to my team. I will give them some content to go with it. I’ll write up a paragraph and a little post to go with it. They’ll then take that video. They will have that video queued up for YouTube but they’ll tailor it to be relevant to Youtube. They will transcribe it, and upload the SRT files for subtitles. They will put that on YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram TV, Facebook via the OneStream tool and they will strip the audio which will be shared across 23 podcast platforms. It will be put into my Alexa skill. II’m just watching in case she, Alexa, flagged there when I said her name. If you know what I’m talking about, then you know what I’m talking about, right. The transcription goes on the website to make it SEO top heavy, the best quotes are pulled out and shared on different platforms.

We take simple bits of content, and we push them everywhere, and this is why now that I’ve turned my attention to social media, that following started to grow very very fast because it’s based on value, and I’m committed to knowing everything that I need to know about these platforms. But if you’re just starting on the journey, coming back to the point, then the question is, do you know what you’re talking about when you share? And if you do, if there’s value there, then the way I want you to think about yourself is as someone who’s taking a position in advance of being a guide to other people in your market place or your potential customers.


I am going to guide you – this is the mentality you want to adopt. I’m going to guide my potential customers. I’m going to support them. I’m going to give, all before money ha ever changed hands. And while I do that, I’m also going to be consciously aware that other people in the industry are watching. Other players in the game are watching, and because not only are my clients watching, potential clients are watching, and other people in the industry are watching, I need to make sure that if I am totally new to business, or whatever I’m doing, that, I would hope that you’d have enough experience in the first place to be in that game. But let’s say you have and you’re a good guy and all the rest of it, then realise that you need to level up and give good value, and make sure you do your homework first because here’s what’s going to happen, and I’m going to try and wrap this up now. If you share value in a way that puts you in a good light to the people who are already in your game. If you share that value in a way that puts you in a good light to the potential customers you’ve got, and your existing client database, then guess what happens? You’ll make contents, connections, and the people in your industry will want to connect with you and talk to you. Some of them might see you as a threat, that’s alright, the smart ones will go in to talk to you, right.

On the other hand, if you’re talking nonsense, and just being visible, then the people who are in your industry, who are players in the game, are going to look at you and there will be a slight attitude of contempt there. They will look at you as if “Who is this clown and what are they talking about?”

Your potential customers, potential clients, where you will get some business, you’re going to turn a lot of people off, and that’s not where you want to be. So ultimately, should you be sharing online if you’re just starting? Absolutely. When I say just starting, no one who’s doing active business should be doing it from a place of I’m just testing it to see if this works for this client. You should be offering something that’s absolutely fantastic, something that’s outstanding. You might be new to business, but what you’re doing should be of the highest quality. And with that being the case, yes, you should be sharing, but you should be sharing in a way that gives value to all involved, that supports people before money has ever changed hands.

Start building your following now, share content across different platforms. Be relevant, be valuable, and if you don’t have a team to sit there and create content and strip videos and strip audio and all the rest, don’t worry about it. You don’t have to have a team. You know, we were very heavy on LinkedIn for a long time and we’ve made a lot of money on Linkedin, like a lot of money. We’ve raised millions on Linkedin, for our developments. We’ve made millions on linkedin, through different businesses we’re involved in. And that was through my profile, Paul McFadden’s profile, and some of our partners profiles, and LinkedIn has been very powerful for us, and the same with the podcast platform as well.

We have the Hardcore Entrepreneurship Podcast, which is mine. We have a couple of others in the company. We have This Week In Property Podcast, which we ran for years, and because we put a lot of focus into getting these right, and to giving value before money had ever changed hands, we became the authorities in certain subjects, and people came to us to do business. That’s a good place to be guys. That’s where you want to be. That’s where you want to be, but getting started with all of that, I was the one sitting chopping up videos and stuff, it was a couple of years ago. I shouldn’t be doing that. And at the time I wanted to do it to figure it out so I could then bring someone else in to do it.

And if the idea of having people working for you to do this kind of stuff scares you then ask yourself, is your time better spent working on profit producing activities, or sitting chopping up podcasts? If your time is better spent on profit producing activities, and by putting out content you actually make money, then hire in a member of staff to sit and play about with social media and play with your content. It isn’t an expense, it’s leverage.

So, anyway, I’ve run the circles here. I’ve shared a lot of chat. This has been a longer episode than usual. If you enjoy this kind of chat, then go to followbilly.com, connect with me on social, go to hardcoreentrepreneurship.com, and you’ll find over 100 episodes of the same kind of chat. If you find this valuable, wherever you’re watching it, drop me a note, let me know what you think of it, and if you find it valuable, share it on. On that note, I’ll catch you later.

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